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Mexico Won’t Follow US Commission for a Free Cuba Plan

Posted May 09, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


Mexico City—Mexico will not cooperate with U.S. plans to speed up the overthrow of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, local news sources reported Saturday.

“Mexico will not subscribe in any way to the (U.S.) proposal that has been made, which is against Cuban sovereignty,” said Mexican President Vicente Fox, reacting to the White House’s tougher new restrictions on money moving to Cuba and plans to prevent Castro from passing power to a successor.

Earlier this week, the Bush administration released its plan for clamping down on the communist island. Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega said the goal was “to liberate the Cuban people from tyranny and their dependence on international charity.”

Fox stressed he wouldn’t endorse the plan although Mexico and Cuba are currently embroiled in a diplomatic row, El Universal newspaper reported.

Last Sunday, both Mexico and Peru decided to withdraw their ambassadors from Cuba following comments by Castro criticizing them for supporting a recent U.N. resolution condemning his human rights record.

Cuba then accused Mexican officials of manufacturing their fight with Castro to divert attention from its political scandal at home.

Member Comments

On May 11, 2004, publisher wrote:

I doubt that many (read any) countries will be backing this silly Cuba policy report.

I don’t think there will be a coalition with Bush on this foreign policy.