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State security’s penetration of Cuban society all-pervasive, says

Posted January 15, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

HAVANA, January 13 (

A former agent of the Department of State Security who asked not to be identified says every segment of Cuban society is under surveillance by infiltrated security personnel.

The former agent said Masonic lodges, the Catholic church, and
Protestant denominations all have undercover agents among their members who gather information about possible poles of resistance to the government, as well as about the attitudes and opinions of the membership.

Groups practicing religions of African origin are given priority, said
the ex-agent, adding that these groups are infiltrated to a greater
extent than even dissident groups, because typically dissidents operate
openly, whereas African religious groups tend to operate as secret

This is a practice that goes back to colonial times, when African cults
were banned by the authorities and secret societies were organized by
their practitioners to evade persecution.

Another important duty for security agents is to recruit new agents and
informants among the population, the ex-agent said,  preferring people
with criminal and violent backgrounds. He added that some form of
blackmail is the most usual tool employed by the department to control and
manipulate new recruits.

Government offices are not exempt from the department’s vigilance, the
former agent said, adding that every block in every neighborhood has at
least one agent or informant watching over the neighbors.

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