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US policy is to end “oppressive dictatorship” in Cuba

Posted January 15, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Washington, Dec 09 - After announcing a ‘Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba’, the United States has said its policy is to end Havana’s “oppressive dictatorship” and establishing democracy in the island.

“United States policy regarding Cuba is clear hasten Cuba’s peaceful transition to a representative democracy and a free market economy ending decades of an oppressive dictatorship,” State Department said in a statement yesterday.

President George W Bush created the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba to focus the US government’s efforts on achieving this objective, it said.

The Commission was inaugurated at a White House meeting on December five. It was co-chaired by Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mel Martinez. Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice were also present.

By May 1, 2004, the Commission will provide an initial report to the President regarding the elements of a comprehensive programme to assist the Cuban people, the State Department said.

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On May 04, 2004, Alan wrote:

We should just leave Cuba alone! If the people of Cuba want to be free, then they’ll do so! We should pay attention to our own country!