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Cuba article showed positive side - Editorial

Posted January 15, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

The Journal Standard

Thank you very much for the unbiased report on nurse Denise Padfield’s trip to Cuba. I have been fortunate to have visited Cuba several times in the past two years and as a result it is not too difficult for me to see when a person or group has a political purpose or point of view. While Cubans appear content, they also suffer tremendously. People are people, as Denise says, but I wonder how many Americans could cope in their situation.

The viewpoint that everything in Cuba needs to be changed is a very uneducated opinion and fails to accept the slightest notion that some people in Cuba may have a different story to tell. Not only do we have much to give, we have much to learn. To inflict harm or adversity on anyone, or even wish it, is simply wrong - as is the U.S. embargo. The reason for the current crackdown on travel to Cuba is because the result has not served the purpose of highly organized special interest groups.

I truly believe now is the time for us to help our neighbors to the south and not when a certain individual dies. I like to think that anyone in the health care industry would agree.

Pete Munoz

Washington, D.C.

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