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Posted October 23, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Dear Cuba Policy Advocates:

Amid some confusion on the floor of the Senate, the Dorgan Cuba travel
amendment passed on a voice vote.  Once some analysis and clarification
have taken place, we’ll send another message explaining exactly what
happened and what the next steps will be.  The Dorgan language is identical to the Flake travel amendment that passed the House in September, and it is now part of the Senate Transportation-Treasury Appropriations bill.

This is especially significant as it comes right on the heels of the
President’s announcement of tightening the embargo.  It is clear that
the Senate and House, as well as the US people, do not agree with him.

Congratulations!  And thanks for your help!  We’ll send you our press
release soon.

Mavis Anderson
Philip Schmidt

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