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CANF off base with demand to stop deportations

Posted August 12, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Miami Herald | Letters to the Editor

Re the Aug. 3 letter CANF demands an effective Cuba policy: The Cuban American National Foundation ‘‘demands’’ that President Bush stop deporting Cuban refugees to Cuba. It forgot to mention that these were 12 Cuban nationals who used violence to steal the Cuban government boat in their attempt to illegally enter the United States without visas.

CANF demands that we change our policy to suit Miami Cuban-exile radicals, threatening to not vote for Bush in the next election. So where will they go? The Democratic Party? Exiles painted themselves into a corner and have nowhere to go with dwindling power.

Demands that our government increase the transmission power of Radio and TV Mart´┐Ż will never win. Signal-jamming in Cuba will override the radio and TV signals from the United States.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega recently told Herald correspondent Andres Oppenheimer that the United States could transmit TV programs from a plane. That would be idiotic. Maybe then Cuban planes will fly just outside our 12-mile limit and transmit jamming signals to interfere with Miami TV stations.

Who is the CANF to demand that the United States indict Castro for the murder of four fliers shot down in Brothers to the Rescue planes? Wouldn’t the United States shoot down an unidentified enemy plane, especially since 9/11?


Vice President,

Citizens of Dade United


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