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‘No lies’ drive in Havana

Posted August 12, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.
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Havana - Cuban authorities on Tuesday launched a website denouncing a “campaign of lies” against the communist island, Cuban National Assembly president Ricardo Alarcon said.

During a press conference presenting the Internet endeavor, Alarcon said that the site “signs up to the battle of ideas” launched by President Fidel Castro, its goal “to make our truth known in view of the calumnies and lies being spoken against Cuba”.

The site, providing general information on Cuba, editorials and interviews with celebrities, was set up by 60 Cuban journalists known as The Circle of Journalists Against Terrorism.

It will serve to fight “media terrorism led by the big multinationals and to fight against the manipulation of information”, Alarcon added.

(Publisher note: Sorry, web site note mentioned in story)

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