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Castro After 50 Years - “Viva La Revolucion?”

Posted July 28, 2003 by I-netwmd in Cuba Politics.

I wonder if Fidel Castro ever listened to the Beatles. Think he ever listened to Revolution? How about Back in the U.S.S.R.? If he did, he didn’t get it… or didn’t like what he heard. Cuba officially celebrated 50 years of Castro’s rule on Saturday. So what’s to celebrate? If Cuba were such a “paradise,” then why do thousands of its people risk their lives every year to flee to the United States?

The “communist” Cuban economy is a disaster, and has lost the artificial subsidies of the disintegrated Soviet bloc. Cuba is one of the poorest countries in the Americas. If not for tourism and money sent by Cuban expatriates, there would be complete economic collapse. Just as Castro insists on keeping stifling control of his peoples’ economy, he also insists on suppressing their political activities…

Read my full article at the link provided below. While my website ( is not entirely devoted to Latin America, we try our best to cover the region, and support democracy there. (“Castro After 50 Years - ‘Viva La Revolucion?’”)

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