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Posted July 28, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Letters to the editor | Miami Herald

Re the July 24 story Two exiles add a condition for backing Grammys: Willy Chirino and Emilio Estefan should embrace the different styles of music from Cuba, the island that they came from.

My parents left Cuba because of Fidel Castro. But in 1999, when Los Van Van came to the Miami Arena, I went with my entire family. Protesters outside called my mother and sisters prostitutes. However, we still enjoyed the show, which did not include any political views.

Since then, I have traveled to New York to see Los Van Van, not because I support Castro, but because the group plays excellent music. I have seen Chirino perform, and he is a mediocre performer, at best.

I will not turn my back on the music that I’ve grown to love.


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