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Martha Beatriz Roque Taken to a Hospital in Havana

Posted July 28, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Nenita Roque, +1-305-265-2275, or +1-786-348-8066; or Sylvia G.Iriondo, M.A.R. por Cuba, +1-305-934-7302 | PR Newswire

The following was released today by M.A.R. por Cuba:

According to an urgent call received this afternoon from Maria de los Angeles Falcon Cabello, niece of Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, we have learned that Martha Beatriz was hospitalized at the Carlos J. Finlay Military Hospital in Havana since Thursday morning, due to high blood pressure, chest pain and a nose bleed.

Martha Beatriz’s niece received an anonymous telephone call last night with this information. Today she went to Villa Marista (State Security headquarters), where she received confirmation that Martha Beatriz is currently hospitalized due to a heart condition, and that she is presently undergoing treatment. Martha Beatriz’s niece was not allowed to see her.

We fear for the health and for the life of this Cuban woman, and once again we call for the immediate freedom of Martha Beatriz and all Cuban political prisoners. M.A.R. por Cuba

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