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Plan to free terrorist Posada Carriles exposed

Posted May 31, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


PANAMA.— Lawyers and trade union and student organizations in Panama yesterday (May 29) denounced a campaign to free the four terrorists headed by Luis Posada Carriles, all accused of plotting to assassinate President Fidel Castro during a rally at the University of Panama, reports EFE.

They are preparing “a trap to favor a protection measure that will help this terrorist group,” affirmed a communique from Panamanian layers Rafael Rodríguez and Julio Berrios plus leaders from the Construction Workers Union (SUNTRACS), the National Trade Union Council (CONUSI), an indigenous organization and four university student groups.

According to the lawyers, who have brought charges against the detainees on behalf of those organizations, the plan consists of approving a protection measure to place them under house arrest, thus facilitating their freedom.

Posada Carriles, Pedro Crispin Remon, Guillermo Novo Sampoll and Gaspar Jimenez Escobedo were arrested on November 17, 2000 in Panama during the 10th Ibero-American Summit. The attempt on the president’s life could have caused the deaths of thousands of people in the University of Panama.

Although the DA’s Office acknowledged the charge of illegal possession of explosives, it rejected the one of intent to murder on the grounds that no detonators were found.

Berrios also claimed that, over the last month: “there has been a saturation operation in the media, with national and international coverage, to confuse public opinion and undermine the investigation and the punishable charges against the terrorists, financed, organized and protected by Miami’s Cuban-American mafia.

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