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Cuba’s Alarcon Talks About Hijacking Executions, U.S. Relations

Posted May 19, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

As President George W. Bush prepares to make a speech about Cuba, Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban parliament defended his countries policy on ABC’s “This Week” with host George Stephanopoulos. That defense included the execution of three Cuban nationals who recently hijacked a ferry boat.

The following exchange took place between Stephanopoulos and Alarcon about the executions:

Stephanopoulos: Four days from arrest, to trial, to appeal to execution.

Alarcon: Yes, but at that moment, we learn about 29 other attempts to do similar thing.

Stephanopoulos: No one was killed in these hijackings.

Alarcon: Many could have been. Many would’ve been killed.

Stephanopoulos: You had to send a message.

Alarcon: What are the results? No hijackings since that date.

Alarcon also accused the Bush administration, including the president’s brother Gov. Jeb Bush, of working to get rid of Fidel Castro as it did with Saddam Hussein.

The top Cuban politician also says hostilities between both countries can be eased by the lifting of the U.S. embargo.

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