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State Security officers warn independent journalist to stop working - Cuba News / Noticias - CubaNet

Posted May 09, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

HAVANA, May 7 ( - Independent journalist Rafael Ferro said he received a visit from an officer of the Department of State Security (DSE) who warned him to stop working as a journalist.

Ferro, a resident of Pinar del Río, said a DSE officer who identified himself as Mario, accompanied by the chief of the bureau of prisons in the province, visited him at noon, May 7 at his home and confiscated his computer and fax machine.

“This is a warning,” Ferro says they told him. “We know who is working for Radio Martí and for CubaNet.”

Ferro added that the officer who identified himself as Mario told him: “Do away with all the subversive books. We are not taking any further measures against you because you don’t have access to Internet.”
Ferro vowed to continue working in journalism even if he has to use smoke signals to communicate.

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