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Miami mafia in charge of drawing up Cuba policy

Posted April 29, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

BY ARSENIO RODRÍGUEZ—Granma daily staff writer&#8212

In the midst of the imperial euphoria over the unlimited warfare through which the United States proposes to impose a world Nazi-fascist dictatorship, the anti-Cuban Miami mafia is claiming direct reprisals against Cuba and demonstrating at the same time, that it is precisely the force that controls U.S. policy toward the island.

Reactions within the Cuban community in relation to calls for fresh aggression include those from honest people who do not lend themselves to the mafia game and reject it.

In itself, the mafia is divided. The so-called Council for Cuban Liberty is asking for the suspension of remittances and flights to Cuba, as well as the imposition of multilateral sanctions and a naval blockade of Cuba in the case of a mass exodus, which is what U.S. policy is trying to provoke.

On the other hand, the Study Group on Cuba proposes the same end, but by another means, and thus defends the sending of remittances, arguing that it is a determining factor in maintaining internal dissidence.

Colin Powell, U.S. secretary of state, announced yesterday that his country is to review its Cuba policy.


In parallel, the gross and aggressive media campaign against the Cuban people is being maintained and increased.

In yesterday’s televised roundtable, the panelists offered wide-ranging information on the role of the enemies of the Cuban people and demonstrated how the organized provocations against the Cuban embassy in Paris are part of those plans.

They were compounded by the ridiculous demonstration in Madrid last weekend attended by just a few hundred people, in the opinion of some Spanish friends a combination of fascists, Phalangists and the Miami mafia.


The roundtable pointed to the political utilization of the migratory issue as a pretext for direct aggression. The U.S. justification for limiting visas to would-be Cuban emigres is that the country is on its manufactured list of the “terrorist countries” and hence the procedure has been held up.

However, that country is maintaining the policy of receiving anyone who arrives by whatever illegal means, whether they are murderers or terrorists, or aircraft or maritime vessel hijackers.

As part of these plans, the misnamed Martí Radio and Television stations are a White House priority. Pedro Roig, the new director general of those stations, already has the blessing of the anti-Cuban mafia. The program denounced the violations committed by Jose Basulto and his plans for illegal transmissions to Cuba, to date untroubled by the U.S. authorities.

At the end of the Roundtable it was reiterated that despite all the threats and planned aggressions against the Cuban people, they will continue constructing the new society with the same enthusiasm and steadfastness that will be apparent on the upcoming May Day parade.

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