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Statement from Brian Alexander, former Executive Director | Cuba Policy Foundation

Posted April 24, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Dear Friends,

As you have learned, the entire Board of Directors of the Cuba Policy Foundation, as well as I, have resigned from the Foundation in protest to the recent wave of arrests and executions in Cuba.

Oppression in Cuba, heightened tensions in bilateral relations, and a political climate in the United States that will have a chilling effect on efforts ease sanctions, are the regrettable circumstances that led to this collective decision.

In a personal capacity, I remain committed to promoting a U.S. policy toward Cuba that will advance both America’s national and economic interests and help bring peaceful political and economic change to Cuba.  Currently, I am involved in a writing project; coordinating the nomination of a Cuban dissident for a major award in the United States; and have several planned speaking engagements.  There is much still to be done in bettering the U.S.-Cuban relationship, and I remain hopeful that through all of our continued efforts a positive outcome will result.

Professionally, I will embark on new endeavors that may or may not involve Cuba.  I am looking forward to new challenges and opportunities, and I believe many great things lie ahead.  But my path is not yet set and I will spend the coming days exploring options.  If, by chance, you are looking for someone with experience running a small organization and wide exposure in government affairs and media relations, give me a call.  If some knowledge of Cuba might be of use, I’ve got a little bit of that, too.

In my role as Executive Director of the Cuba Policy Foundation, it has been a great pleasure to work with you, and to have had the opportunity to provide our services to you in your work on Cuba.  My greatest hope is that the efforts of the Foundation have helped to bring you closer to your goals.  As we each continue down our respective paths in public life, I look forward to the possibility of continued growth in our relationships.  Please keep in touch.

All the very best,

Brian Alexander

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