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US fines Playboy for Cuban tale

Posted April 22, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


Adult publisher Playboy and anti-Iraq sanctions campaigners Voices in the Wilderness have been fined by the US Treasury for sanction busting.
Playboy paid a $27,500 (17,605; 25,300 euros) penalty for breaking the unilateral US embargo against Cuba after publishing a report from the Caribbean island.

Voices in the Wilderness, which has campaigned for the end of the United Nations sanctions against Iraq, was fined $20,000.
The list indicates Voices in the Wilderness has not paid.
The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (Ofac), which enforces US sanctions, recently began publishing penalties against corporations for sanction busting.

Treasury criticism

Some of America’s biggest corporate names - including the New York Yankees, Citigroup, ChevronTexaco and WalMart - have been named this month, and fines have reached $250,000.

The Treasury has been criticised for not giving details of why the fines were imposed, when the transactions occurred and for not publicising them.

The latest fines were announced late on the Easter Friday public holiday.

Illegal trade

The Playboy fine involved a “currency travel-related transaction” according to the Treasury release.

Playboy said the payment was to settle “artistic and journalistic activities” in Cuba.

Voices in the Wilderness was charged with exporting unspecified goods or services, which a spokesman said was related to delivering medicines to Iraq several years ago.

Scientific Games, a multinational which supplies online gambling computer systems, was fined $3,000 for exporting goods or services and property deals with Libya.

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