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Posted March 12, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

PURPOSE: To bring to the attention of people concerned with Cuba a wide range of news and information about the island, the Cuban community abroad, Cuba’s international relations, and related topics. The list provides many resources to assist you in learning about Cuba, its politics and society. The primary language of this list is English, though some Spanish material is sent from time to time.

PARTICIPATION: Your participation is welcome. This is primarily an information service for people who support Cuba’s right to self-determination. The first step needed to secure Cuba’s sovereignty is an end to Washington’s blockade against the island and to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba, both economically and politically.

MODERATION: This is a moderated list. The moderators decide who can subscribe and post. However, anyone concerned about U.S. policy toward Cuba, such as activists in the anti-blockade movement, is welcome.

LEAD MODERATOR: This list is moderated primarily by Walter Lippmann, a Cuba solidarity activist based in Los Angeles, California. You can learn about his approach at his website:

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