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Posted November 20, 2004 by YoungCuban in Cuba Human Rights

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YUCA’s Send Cubans Help

The underground movement (Young Urban Cuban Americans a.k.a YUCA) that was formed just a few months before the elections recently sent over 1000 lbs. worth of items to the Cuban people in Cuba.
Everything from medicine, clothing, foot wear and other daily necessities were sent by companies who offer “Envios”/“Deliveries” to Cuba.
The items sent to Cuba were paid and shipped by YUCA supporters, YUCA is a non incorporated organization that was started in Florida a few months before the 2004 elections, has gained strong support from the Cuban American born community.
“We do what we do out of love for the Cuban people and Cuba” says YUCA founder R. Garcia.
“We do not wan’t anything in return,we just wan’t to help our Cuban brothers and sisters”

The cost of purchasing the items to be shipped to Cuba came close to
$30K U.S. (out of pocket funds), with shipping being nearly half the cost,“It cost us anywhere from $10-$20 per pound to ship the items, “But it was damn well worth it” said one YUCA supporter.
YUCA’s who stand firmly against the embargo and restrictions the U.S. has enforced against Cuba for over 40 years, will continue to help when possible those in Cuba who are in desperate need of help and support.
“To the YUCA’s it is’nt about politics, it’s about humanity”

  1. Follow up post #1 added on November 20, 2004 by M. Rams

    Three cheers for YUCA.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on November 21, 2004 by waldo Parravicini

    YUCA Si, Cuba Si Humanity Si.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on November 22, 2004 by Michael

    I admire your generousity and I know your intentions are good.

  4. Follow up post #4 added on November 22, 2004 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    Thank you for the support,we only wish we could help everyone in Cuba,but that’ a financial impossibility,but we do what we can with what we have.

    Many have asked us how we obtain information on people who need such items,and I’ll explain.

    Many YUCA’ go to Cuba,while there they literally and randomly look for those who are obviously more in need of items than others and speak to them about our cause,we take down their information such as shoe size,waist size,medicinal needs etc. as well as their contact information and names.

    Many do not even know when the items are sent as many do not have a phone in their homes to make them aware of the delivery, but we do get a signed confirmation from the envio company that the person who the items were sent to in fact reached their hands, we also in many cases send a note letting them know it came from the YUCA’ etc.

    We also help Cubans in the states who otherwise cannot afford to send a family member much needed items,we pay and send the items for them.

    YUCA’ are not a non-profit incorporated group,we are a movement of sorts,we do what we do out of love for our people, we do not see a need to incorporate as a non profit group as we do not solicit funds from any private party,we are the private parties!

    YUCA just plainly means Young Urban Cuban Americans and this YUCA “movement” is not or ever has been affiliated with the same YUCA group that the once mayor of Miami Alex Penelas was part of.

    We are YUCA as we were born Cuban American,no need for corporate papers to tell us what we are.

    However, in the near future we may incoporate as a non profit organization so way we can solicit large coporations and manufactures such as Nike,Adidas etc. to donate footwear and clothing to our cause.

    We have a few names being tossed around in mind for our new incorporated group, “CAN” being one of them.


  5. Follow up post #5 added on August 28, 2008 by Christinea Carriera

    Keep up the good work.  I am a Canadian living near the Toronto area married to a Cuban with a beautiful 4 year old daughter and I just recently started a non-profit organization to help Cuban children in particular and am in the middle of incorporating.

    There is also a non-profit organization in Kingston, Ontario in Canada who also helps the Cubans.

    With a little effort from everyone it DOES make a DIFFERENCE.


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