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Posted July 14, 2004 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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GEORGE GEDDA | Associated Press

The United States is accusing Cuba of “blatant distortions” in claiming that Washington intends to invade the island and evict people from their homes as part of a post-Castro occupation plan.

Responding to an official Cuban statement on July 1, the State Department registered its disagreement in a four-page note sent to the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington last week. A copy of the note was obtained by The Associated Press.

The Cuban position had been set forth in a statement by National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon the day after new U.S. penalties against Cuba took effect.

Alarcon’s statement began by saying that “the empire (the United States) plans to crush the Cuban nation and proclaims its intentions with insulting arrogance.”

It said the United States “is intensifying the economic war, the internal subversion, the anti-Cuba propaganda and the pressures on the rest of the world designed to pave the way for a direct military intervention that would destroy the Revolution, end our independence and sovereignty and realize the old annexationist fantasy of seizing control of Cuba.”

The State Department note said Secretary of State Colin Powell and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld have said repeatedly that the United States has no intention of invading Cuba.

It added that Cuban authorities have refused U.S. offers to directly inform the Cuban people of American policy, including the goal of a peaceful transition in Cuba.

“The mendacious threat of military action does not fool the Cuban people and cannot obscure the regime’s half-century of economic failure and political repression,” the note said.

President Bush’s directives are partly designed to curb the flow of U.S. dollars to Cuba. Visits by Cuban-Americans to the island can be made only at three-year intervals instead of annually, with no humanitarian exceptions allowed.

The authorized per diem for a family visit was slashed to $50, compared with the previous $164. Dollar transfers to Cubans on the island are still permitted - the $1,200 ceiling remains - but recipients can only be immediate family members. The range of humanitarian items that can be shipped to Cuba was sharply reduced.

Bush’s policy shifts had been recommended by a government commission headed by Powell. The bulk of a commission report, issued in May, focussed on post-Castro U.S. assistance activities and needs assessments in the fields of agriculture, the economy, infrastructure health, education and housing.

As Alarcon described it, “The Cuban society would be completely subjugated to the United States, which would dominate all its activities without exception.” Homes in Cuba, he said, could be reclaimed by the “annexationist mafia” that backed the pre-Castro military government.

The note insisted that the proposed transition programs “are not intended to be a prescription for how Cuba organizes itself or what policies it decides ultimately to pursue; those decisions remain with the Cuban people, expressed through a free and sovereign Cuban government.”

It added: “The United States does not intend to dictate terms; the Cuban people have already had to suffer that for the past 45 years.”

  1. Follow up post #1 added on July 14, 2004 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    I don’t know where Mr. Alarcon gets his ideas.

    Let’ see…the Bay of Pigs, CIA assassination attempts against the President of Cuba?

    The US invation of Haiti. Wait, that was a peace keeping mission?

    The US invasion of Afghanistan to eradicate terrorism?

    The US invasion of Iraq because of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

    40+ years of sanctions against Cuba that the UN dissaproves of?

    ... and Mr. Alarcon’ worry about a US invasion is considered blatant distortions?

    Cuba consulting services

  2. Follow up post #2 added on July 15, 2004 by Dana Garrett

    It is rather odd that the USA would accuse the Cuban government of lying about the prospect of a military attack given that the release of the of the report from the State Departmentís “Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba” explicitly calls for regime change in Cuba and states unambiguously that the use of military measures to effect the change cannot be ruled out. 

    As Cuba knows well, when one enters into the murky world of diplomacy-speak, words like “the United States has no intention of invading Cuba” can only safely be deciphered through 45 years of experience.  This experience includes:

    1.  Two failed military attempts to overthrow Cuba by proxy: the Bay of Pigs invasion and the USA supported rebel force in the Escambry Mountains.

    2.  Scores of assassination plots against Castro and other key Cuban political leaders.

    3.  The use of bioterrorism against vital aspects of Cuba’ agriculture.

    4.  Massive propaganda campaigns by radio, TV, and leaflets dropped from planes designed to encourage insurrection among the people of Cuba.

    5.  Terrorism by proxy: Cuban exiles groups, supported by the USA, that have blown up key buildings and economic resources belonging to the Cuban government.  These same terrorists even exploded a bomb on a Cuban civilian airliner, murdering dozens of Cuban teenage athletes.

    6.  The terrorist strafing of Cuban shorelines from privately owned boats, originating from the USA, resulting in the death of innocent people strolling on the beach.

    7.  The ruinous extraterritorial embargo against the Cuban people. 

    8.  Pressuring other nations not to establish diplomatic relations w/ Cuba.

    9.  Numerous attempts to subvert the Cuban government from within through espionage.

    Now George Bush proposes to spend $29 million dollars to work with Cuban “dissidents” to effect regime change in Cuba.  The funds will be divided into separate accounts for groups of women, Afro-Cuban, religious, labor, and NGO dissidents.  Who these groups are, where they are located and what activities they will engage in are, of course, shrouded in secrecy. 

    Clearly, what the State Department terms Cubaís distorted concern about invasion is to most objective observers a sensible trepidation. 

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