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Posted May 30, 2007 by publisher in US Embargo

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Associated Press

Congress should take a hard look at American policy toward Cuba and debate whether Washington’s 45-year-old embargo is working, visiting U.S. lawmakers said Tuesday.

Headed by Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat, the five-member bipartisan delegation is spending five days in Cuba to discuss farm trade, meet with Cuban officials and catch a glimpse of life on the communist-run island.

“It’s bipartisan but it’s also with different histories with regard to lifting the embargo and travel restrictions,” DeLauro, who favors easing U.S. sanctions, said of the group.

She said the dialogue and increased understanding “helps us to move forward on legislation in the Congress.”

The embargo prohibits most Americans from visiting Cuba and chokes off nearly all trade between the countries. But direct sales of U.S. food and agricultural products have been allowed since 2000.

Proposals to further ease trade and travel restrictions have been introduced in both houses of Congress, though similar measures have failed in years past.

Rep. Jack Kingston, a Georgia Republican who has supported U.S. sanctions against the island, said there is no reason not to continue talks on trade with Cuba.

“It’s clear both countries could get a lot out of trade agreements on almost any commodity,” Kingston said. “But our job as members of Congress isn’t just to look at business proposals, but the politics, the diplomacy, the human rights standpoints.”

Also visiting Cuba were U.S. Representatives Rodney Alexander, a Louisiana Republican; Bob Etheridge, a North Carolina Democrat, and Marion Berry, an Arkansas Democrat.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on May 30, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    If these are your Representatives, thank them for their courage against old Cuban American exile propaganda.

    I say the more trade the better with Cuba. Castro asks attendees to support easing of the Embargo so why shouldn’t we ask for release of political prisoners.

    The interaction the US has with Cuba, the more we can ask for when we do trade deals.

    Also, I went to the 2004 Alimport conference and Fidel spoke to us for three hours which we were told was a short speech. (Side note: I found that “short speech” to be disrespectful. We came to do business not listen to Fidel talk for three hours).

    Anyway, this is yet another event that Castro has attended in the past that he chooses to miss.

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  2. Follow up post #2 added on May 30, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    In this article Cuba trade talks on minds of many growers, Greg Yielding, executive director of the Arkansas Rice Growers Association says

    “I think that history has showed us economic sanctions when it comes to food don’t work. Why would you want to starve the people?”

    Easy now Mr. Yielding…don’t drink all the Koolaid! Remember a lot of that food you are buying goes to Varadero, Cayo Coco, Guardalavaca and Cayo Largo to feed the tourists at retail prices.

    Let’s not get too righteous.

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