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Posted October 26, 2004 by publisher in US Embargo

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By ESTRELLA TORRES | [url=http://www.ABS-CBNnews.com]http://www.ABS-CBNnews.com[/url]

Cuba warned on Monday that the continued economic embargo imposed against it by the US may lead to a US attack, similar to what happened to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cuban Ambassador to Manila Ramon Medina made this warning on the eve of the United Nations General Assembly voting on the draft resolution seeking to end the 45-year economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba.

At least 179 UN member-states, including the Philippines, voted in favor of lifting the economic embargo against Cuba last year, but until now, the US has yet to heed the decision of the UN General Assembly. Only the US, Israel, and the Marshall Islands opposed the lifting of the embargo.

The UN General Assembly will debate and take action on October 28 on the draft resolution titled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.”

Medina said Cuba’s total economic losses have reached US$79 billion in terms of revenues, trade and exports during the 45 years of trade embargo imposed by the US.

He said it is important to gather international support that would end the US trade embargo against Cuba; he accused the US of continuing to use black propaganda by tagging Cuba a part of the “axis of evil nations” along with Iran and Iraq.

“Cuba is not an isolated country. If the international community does not oppose the continued US trade embargo against us, then the US would launch military aggression against Cuba that is similar to the attacks made against Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Medina in a news conference on Monday.

Medina said it is ironic that the US is playing a major role in the free-trade regulations set by the World Trade Organizations (WTO) but continues to impose a trade and economic blockade against Cuba.

University of the Philippines President Francisco Nemenzo, head of the Philippines-Cuba Cultural and Friendship Association, explained that US military attacks are not only based on economic interestsósuch as a vested interest to take control of the oil production in Iraq, but also based on the strategic location and symbolic value of that country.

“In the case of Cuba, it represents a small socialist country that is able to withstand US aggression,” said Nemenzo. “That is why the US has to destroy the image of Cuba as a small defiant nation.”

Medina said despite the economic embargo, Cuba has developed a biotechnology industry that produces vaccines against such ailments as cancer, hepatitis and dengue fever.Cuba has also performed creditably in the Olympics and developed a free and quality educational system.

Medina said the appeal to lift the US trade sanctions is not about its interest to promote economic relations with the US, but more intended to prevent military aggression by the US against Cuba.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on October 27, 2004 by Songuacassal

    I do agree that the Embargo needs to be lifted! However, I am willing to bet that since this is the only excuse that Castro has to go by for his dead economy, if and when the US lifts the embargo Castro will declare that in order to prevent the dangers of Neo-Capital-Liberal-Imperial-Colonial-Globalization (He’ll make his own combination of these terms), and in order to preserve the culture, individuality, and dignity of the Cuban people, Cuba will impose it’ own Embargo against the evils of the US, since Cuba does not deal with Yanqui imperialists (The US was called that before the embargo, and it will be called that afterwards).

    And thus we’re back to square one: the embargo will remain, he’ll keep excusing his dictatorship and failed economy, and the country will continue to be poor. I am for the end of the embargo. Nevertheless, due to it being so ingrained in Castro’ great excuse, I would only hope that they lift it after he dies.

    Print this out and stick it to your refridgerator. Memorize it if you’d like. And call me out on it if this doesn’t happen. I am willing to bet money on that if the embargo is lifted, it will be no more than 5 years before Castro imposes his own embargo against the US.

    As for an invasion. If the US really wanted to invade Cuba for strategic and symbolic reasons, it would have done it in a blink. The fact is that with the invention of air transportation, Cuba is no longer strategic. And as for symbolic reasons for possessing Cuba, we must understand that Cuba is the symbolic antithesis for the US. The US needs Cuba’ communism as much as Cuba needs the embargo: they excuse each others Governments. The fact is that all the talk you hear about Cuba from the US Presidential Candidates is just partisian jiberish in hopes to sway voters.

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