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Posted March 22, 2010 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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From the translators of Hemos Oido

If you believe that people who enjoy the blessings of liberty have some obligation to use their freedom to extend liberty to others-

And if you have a particular interest and affection for the people of Cuba-

There is something you can do to help the bloggers in Cuba!

For just ten minutes of your time when you can… you can help translate Cuba blogs from Spanish to English.

Yoani Sanchez, the Havana based blogger is an ordinary person who describes a repressive system with extraordinary perception and simplicity. Perhaps if she were less famous, had won fewer international awards, the Cuban government would be able to imprison her or otherwise silence her.

We translate Yoani’s blog into English (and other languages). We are proud of our part in giving voice to someone who otherwise might not be heard.   

The Cuban blogger movement is not just about Yoani. There are more than 20 other Cuban writers who also need to be translated into English and other languages. So, we have launched a collaborative translation project, Hemos Oido.

Since this is a collaborative project - one person might take the original Spanish and translate it into a rough English, and another person might edit and polish and perfect the English and together we can give these bloggers the chance to be read in English a well as Spanish.

The more these bloggers are read, the more protected they will be.

Cubans can be jailed for up to 30 years simply for challenging the State’s monopoly of information. Twenty years ago, there was not much that anyone could do to hinder a far away repressive State. But the great potential of technology is the defense of freedom. The mullahs in Iran can not prevent images of repression being transmitted by cell phone, and a dictatorship in Cuba can not prevent ordinary people from telling the truth… provided that you are willing to help.

Read about what is going on in Cuba, Hemos Oido, and help others to know too. You can translate anonymously or use your own name. Support and encouragement are provided for this generation of heroes in Cuba. The more you translate, the more bloggers that will step forward until justice flows like a mighty stream.

The bloggers are doing most of the work and taking all the risks. You can help spread the truth and end the State’s monopoly of control.

What can you do with ten minutes a day that could be more noble?

Thank you for considering this opportunity

Sincerely, the translators at HemosOido.com


  1. Go to any of the links posted. When the translations are done they will be posted to the blogs and removed from the list.  As bloggers post new entries on their Spanish language sites, the entries will automatically show up on this site.

  2. You can start translating anywhere in the text. You can edit the translations already there.

  3. The first goal is meaning, the second goal is good English. Even if the English is “grammatically correct”, if the MEANING is wrong, please edit it. If your English is not perfect, don’t worry about it. Just try to get the meaning clear. A native English speaker can then edit what you write.

  4. When you are done with your work on any one post, don’t forget to SAVE.

  5. Do not worry about “breaking” anything.  The program allows us to revert to an earlier version, and every change is saved along the way.

  6. You do not have to sign in. If this becomes a problem (a lot of “vandalism” to the translations) we will change it, but for now we want people to be able to help with the minimum of bother.

  7. Although Google Translate will give you a good start, the post is not finished until the google translate has been both converted to proper English and the meaning has been corrected.  Google Translate gets its pronouns mixed up and also tends to get the meaning backwards.  Google Translate is a tool but it does not produce our finished translation.

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