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Posted November 29, 2007 by publisher in Oswaldo Paya

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This edition is PACKED with great articles and information about Mr. Paya’s rising status as an internationally recognized human rights champion.

The following article titles are here with an introductory paragraph below:

Citizen’s Committee for Reconciliation and Dialogue
Declaration of Freedom for Cubans
Videos of Declarations by Oswaldo Payá
MCL Congratulates Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet
Congress of Catholics in Public Life
Denunciations concerning Prisoner Conditions
Birthdays of the Cuban Spring Prisoners
Screening and Presentation on “Dissident” at FIU
UN Praises the Government and Punishes the People
MCL on Relationship between Cuba and Venezuela
MCL Denounces Chavez Comments on Aznar
MCL Denounces the Ibero-American Summit


Creation of a Citizen’s Committee for Reconciliation and Dialogue and Proclamation of the Declaration of Freedom for all Cubans. At a press conference in Havana on November 22 the creation of a Citizen’s Committee for Reconciliation and Dialogue (CCRD) was announced, an organization comprised of more than 300 citizens to promote reconciliation, dialogue and peaceful democratic change in Cuba. The CCRD will lead the Civic Campaign of the Cuban Forum Campaign, and “gather all citizens, without exclusions, that are committed to work toward achieving the objectives of the Cuban Forum Campaign through legal and peaceful means.”  Read more The following was also declared ...

Declaration of Freedom for Cubans. “We also propose a dialogue among all Cubans, without exclusions, about an ample and generous general political amnesty, on the basis of love, goodwill, truth and forgiveness, in the search for justice and national reconciliation. We proclaim that this is the hour of dialogue and reconciliation and all of us should work with good will for understanding, respect and peace among Cubans. An authentic participation of citizens in a national dialogue, in political life, and in the decision on the changes that Cuba needs, is only possible on the basis of legal recognition and respect in practice, of freedom of expression and other civil and political rights.”


Videos of Declarations by Oswaldo Payá. Listen to the messages from Oswaldo Payá on the Program for all Cubans, the Varela Project, and the political prisoners on You Tube (Spanish only) (source: Solidaridad Española con Cuba).

The MCL Congratulates Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet on Receiving Medal of Freedom. Oswaldo Payá. “I congratulate Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet personally and on behalf of our Movement for receiving the Medal of Freedom. His courage and tireless dedication to the peaceful civic struggle and the stoicism with which he has endured prison has won him the admiration of all those around the world who defend Human Rights and are in solidarity with the Cuban people.”

Congress of Catholics in Public Life: The First Liberty, That of God’s Children. Oswaldo Payá. “No one wants the church to be persecuted but it is true that a persecuted church is freer than one that unites and submits to a political power. The Cuban church has not had that experience of power, thank God, for more than a century. Rather, for the past half century it has suffered persecution, harassment, exclusion, repression and up to the present, the oppressive action of systematic control, interference, and intimidation of the repressive forces, the Communist Party and the very Government.”


Antonio Diaz SanchezAntonio Diaz Sanchez

Denunciations concerning Prison Conditions of Political Prisoners . The MCL holds the Government Accountable for the Life of Prisoner Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta.The Prison Living Conditions of Cuban Dissident Luis Enrique Ferrer García are described as Terrible. Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas Calls on President of Brazil to Give Recognition to the Cuban Opposition and Intercede on Behalf of the Political Prisoners.

Juan Carlos Herrera AcostaJuan Carlos Herrera Acosta

Birthdays of the Cuban Spring Political Prisoners still in Prison. Six political prisoners had birthdays this month. On these dates, please send a mail message of support and solidarity to the families!


Screening and Presentation on “Dissident” at FIU. On October 29, the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University held a screening of the documentary “Dissident: Oswaldo Payá and the Varela Project” by Academy Award-nominated director Heidi Ewing. Filmed in Havana in 2002, Dissident is a look into the life and challenges of Oswaldo Payá and the Varela Project, a Cuban civic movement that calls for a national referendum on democratic reforms and which has achieved unprecedented levels of participation on the island.

The UN Praises the Government and Punishes the Cuban People.  On October 30, the UN General Assembly voted against the U.S. embargo on Cuba. The Assembly also ratified the elimination of the special rapporteur for the island. While the regime celebrated the vote as a “historic victory,” Oswaldo Payá remarked that the Assembly has never called for the respect of human rights and the release of more 200 political prisoners in Cuba and for this reason the moral value of the vote against the embargo is belittled by this partiality.

MCL on Relationship between Cuba and Venezuela. Oswaldo Payá. Cuba and Venezuela want to be: Free Nations and Friends. “On one hand if this Confederacy was carried out as a merger of the regimes that now reign, respectively, in Cuba and in Venezuela, the above mentioned Confederacy, would not be not Bolivarian, or in the spirit of Martí, as it would be for oppression and not for freedom. On the other hand, Cuba is not going to join a confederacy, or merge with anyone. Cuba is a sister of Latin America and though it has not had solidarity from the majority of the Latin-American family, it is an inseparable part of this family.”

MCL Denounces Chavez Comments on Aznar. Oswaldo Payá. To Public Opinion and International Community, Governments, Organizations, & Institutions. “The Christian Liberation Movement rejects the injurious comments made by the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, against the former president of Spain Mr. José María Aznar, who is a friend of the people of Cuba…”

The MCL Denounces the Ibero-American Summit. Oswaldo Payá. “This Summit is taking place in Chile, a symbol of peaceful transition to democracy and the host of the memorable Viña del Mar Summit where the governments that were present, including that of Cuba, signed in support of human rights and democracy. But it seems that for the expediency of these very Summits, the memorable accords from Viña del Mar have instead been forgotten.” Read more READ THE EDITION IN PDF HERE

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