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Posted March 04, 2008 by publisher in Oswaldo Paya

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On Fidel’s Resignation.

In the early hours of the morning of February 19th 2008 Oswaldo Payá made the following statement through telephone on Fidel’s “resignation”: “Whatever evaluation or view Cubans may have about period that has just come to an end we must not come into conflict but look to the future together. But in order to look to the future together in the middle of so many differing experiences and emotions we must begin on the basis of respect for the dignity of every person and the recognition in law and in practice of the rights of every Cuban.”


The students of the UCI and Silvio Rodríguez. Oswaldo Paya. “Winds of change, but not from those that clutch to power. Now it is the students of the University of Computer Science who questioned the President of the National Assembly of Popular Power, Ricardo Alarcón. Yesterday the singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez, himself a representative in the National Assembly, questioned the prohibition on travel. The path towards change had already been set by the people when this past December the coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo J. Payá, presented a bill to the National Assembly that had been prepared by the people and demands rights, the same rights that the artist and students request.”


On the release of 4 prisoners. Oswaldo Payá. “The Christian Liberation Movement would like to express its gratitude to the government of Spain for its efforts in bringing about the release of the prisoners Pedro Pablo Álvarez, Alejandro González, Omar Pernet and Jose G. Ramón. The Christian Liberation Movement denounces the Cuban government’s continuous condition that freed prisoners abandon the country to receive an ‘Extrapenal License’, going from the humiliating and unjust condition of prisoners of conscience to the humiliating condition of exiles.”
On the 150th anniversary of P. Felix Varela’s death, February 25th, the Christian Liberation Movement published the first issue of what will be the official voice of the movement. We send you this material, which is already circulating in and outside of Cuba, during a time when the most grave events are taking place in our homeland.


Nobel Prize nomination. Representatives from six parties of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) have come together to nominate Oswaldo Payá, one of the most recognized proponents of democracy in Cuba , for the Nobel Peace Prize. In their nomination they propose that in a post-Fidel Cuba , the future of 11 million people will depend in great measure on the democratic movement that has built strength in Cuba . It is also important that the development of democracy in Cuba receive the support of international actors at the adequate moment.
Letter from the president of the Christian Democrats of America in support of Foro Cubano. Manuel Espino Barrientos. “What is required is disinterested support to those who in the peaceful opposition, on the island or in exile, demand the respect of their fundamental rights and have proclaimed the Declaration of Liberty of Cubans, the central document of the Cuban Forum, which takes up the Varela Project again, which in turn demands the fundamental rights of Cubans and the release of political prisoners; a document tha t represents a pact among themselves, that synthesizes the alternative of the people from a position of reconciliation ... It is a guide for those who wish to join that historic process.”
On the second session of dialogue between Cuba and Spain . Oswaldo Payá. “Speaking of principles, let’s speak about what is important to the people of Cuba and Spain: if the development of relations between the European Union and Cuba is not based on the respect of all the rights of Cubans, it will impose or accept as a matter of fact the condition and situation of exclusion of Cuban citizens in those relations, just as they are excluded within Cuba through the denial of civil, social, economic and political rights. If there is a dialogue with Cuba , it should support dialogue between Cubans and the changes that Cubans seek: changes that will open the doors to rights, liberty, peace and reconciliation.”


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