Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

It’s no secret to voters that the Republicans have won the US House of Representatives.

Also, it’s no secret to Cuba watchers that right wing/anti-freedom Ilena Ros-Lehtinen will be the Chair of the House Foreign Relations committee.

So, what does this mean for US Cuba policy in the near term (November and December) and the long term (2011 and 2012)?

Near Term

Our friends at the US Cuba policy and business blog posts a article about all the new and old US Cuba policy Players with great commentary.

Anya Landau French talks about what types of Cuba related legislation may move through Congress. She writes “Today, there are more than 60 votes to move Cuba legislation through the Senate. The only thing standing in the way of a vote to dispense with a Menendez driven filibuster of Cuba policy reforms has been a lack of will to run down the clock with bigger priorities always looming.”

I think there is a VERY short window of November and December for President Obama to ease people to people type travel restrictions and to grant US airports the ability to host US-Cuba-US flights.

Long Term

The Cuban Triangle wonders if President Obama has the political courage to ease Cuba travel restrictions

If President Obama does not ease travel restrictions in the near term and/or if HR 4645 does not get any legs in the near term, we have no choice but to look long term for changes in US Cuba policy. For this Cuba watcher, if nothing happens in November or December, nothing will happen long term either and the old Cuban exiles and corrupt politicians that take their money will continue to get grants to “study” Cuba and to “promote” democracy in Cuba. This is the 50 year old failed “Plan A” that does not work and will not work. Worse yet, the Castro brothers LOVE the Embargo so they have something to blame for Cuba’s horrific failure on all levels.

And so it goes… maybe 2011 will be different. Right. Why?

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