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Posted April 17, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Human Rights

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Well known Cuba expert has started a blog and we would like to welcome him to the blogosphere.

Here is the intro to his post: What next for Posada?

Luis Posada Carriles, 79, has been a human hot potato since he arrived on U.S. soil in 2005.

Given his background in terrorism and related activities – the Bush Justice Department calls him an “admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks” – he can’t be set free without damaging the credibility of U.S. anti-terrorism policy… .

Bookmark the main link at http://cubantriangle.blogspot.com/

About Mr. Peters: Philip Peters joined the Lexington Institute in April 1999. Since 1996 he has traveled regularly to Cuba to monitor and write about economic and political developments. Peters is an advisor to the Cuba Working Group in the House of Representatives….

  1. Follow up post #1 added on April 20, 2007 by Don

    To the edtor of the Havana Journel:

    I read the artcle and I quote part of it here:

    Philip Peters
    The Miami Herald
    Mar 16, 2007

    According to a defector, Cuba has a secret, underground laboratory southeast of Havana called ‘‘Labor Uno,’’ where biological agents—‘‘viruses and bacteria and dangerous sicknesses’’—are being developed for military use.
    The administration calls Cuba a ‘‘state sponsor of terrorism,’’ so if the defector’s story is true, Cuba would represent what President Bush terms one of the worst national security threats of the 21st century: the world’s most dangerous weapons in the hands of the world’s most dangerous people.
    How scared should we be?
    Not scared at all, if we judge by the administration’s policies and public statements, none of which betray concern, much less certainty, about any threat emanating from Cuba.


    The Miami Harold is notorious to print anything negative about Cuba. In addition, when the heat was turned up the Paper had to fire and dissociate with three reporters for taking large amounts of USA federal moneys to write many articles that were gross lies about Cuba. So to say, something negative about Cuba is printed like gray water coming from a 6-inch sewer line under high pressure in Florida. (Reference on request if you do not know about it)

    To bring up a negative, as Cuba has underground bio-weapons as fact—- claiming sources as reliable——then simply negate the statement as not true—is nothing but propaganda easily sucked into by the Miami Harold. I hope Philip Peters was paid well as to the American way.

    This is fear mongering, nasty reporting, and not a truth in it, from the shocking head lines to, rest a sure it is not true—this is all fictitious BS from start to finish, from the head lines, to the article, to the conclusion of the article; well written but a garbage article that contradicts itself.

    To say Cuba has underground bio weapons gives by far to much credit to Castro, and most all I have read about Castro, from USA propaganda, he is too stupid to find his shoes, so some one has to make up their mind as to what is Castro. Is he a genius greater in all of world history as the devil, or just a poorly educated militant with even a more stupid populace to fallowing him.


    You cannot have both. Like I said the USA are masters of contradictions. The USA even contradicts it own facts, that never were facts, and then denies it all and starts the stories and lies all over again.

    The USA sets up an embargo, then produces myth from “secreted sources” from behind that embargo, that implies we are all going to die, but not yet,  if we can remove that “evil” from our coast—some how, as there is suspicion, and suspicion obviously is verified by “unknown sources” behind an embargo the USA created!

    Yeah right, and let the war drums beat on in the name of freedom, I am not impressed.

    Any one that would give two cents to the USA press, or even a penny for the Miami Harold in regards to Cuba—-has not done their homework to say the least.


    There is NO reason what so ever to the contrary, to have open and common peaceful relations with Cuba. Castro or NO Castro—communism or NO communism, like something will “bleed” off that island and hurt us, YEAH like a turtle, looking for a place to lay eggs—yeah right (injected by a mad Cuban scientist with cotton balls), or even an idea that totally corrupts the USA—like PEACE.

    The biggest problem with common relations in peace with Cuba is there is no money in it for the high rollers in power as they would be left out, and us common people must, by tradition,  take it in the shorts every time, such is the American way, and the way of the world for thousands of years.

    I will continue to examine Philip Peters web site for any good I can find.


  2. Follow up post #2 added on April 20, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Leave comments about his blog on his blog. No need to update us here with your hatred for the US.

    ...and Harold is spelled Herald.

    Your lack of knowledge about Cuba and endless rants are getting annoying.

    Cuba consulting services

  3. Follow up post #3 added on October 14, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    You have to realize that Don is an agent for the Cuban government who likes to come here to spread communist propaganda.

    Cuba consulting services

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