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Posted July 07, 2003 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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By Martin Corona Jerez AIN [url=http://www.cubaweb.cu]http://www.cubaweb.cu[/url]

Bayamo, June 24 (AIN) Ricardo Alarcon, President of the Cuban parliament stated in this Eastern city the country will overcome perils of a North American aggressions, with unity and patriotism.

He recalled this belief was declared one hundred and thirty years ago by the leader for the Cuban independence, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, first patriot to discover the main risk of this Caribbean nation: the North American intention of seizing Cuba.

Alarcon explained it is of foremost importance the improvement of the Cuban society, mainly in its daily duties, avoiding indiscipline and denouncing the enemy’s intention.

The islands’ intellectual’s mission is to help the people to understand the great challenge the island has for long faced right from the moment it came up as a nation struggling against hegemony from the mightiest power on earth at present.

The Parliament leader outlined the unfair punishment the five patriots have been going through, the North American authorities have given green light to terrorism against Cuba. He also added that after Hitler’s time the North American aggression against Iraq was the first preventive and surprising war not duly authorized by the international community.

These reasons explain strong measures of legitimate defense adopted by Cuba on this present year against terrorist and mercenaries that outstandingly increased the risk of a North American attack against the island.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on April 18, 2004 by Dan Jordan

    Dear Sirs
    Can you forward me the email
    for Ricardo Alarcon
    President of the Parliment
    National Assembly of Cuba?
    Dan Jordan

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