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Posted September 04, 2007 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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We have started this post to be a central resource for all the Reflections written by Fidel Castro. We don’t doubt that he wrote many (perhaps all) of the Reflections listed below but we do have doubts that he is currently writing any Reflections. We believe that he may have written dozens of “evergreen” Reflections to be published at some date in the future, perhaps even after he is dead (if he is not dead already).

So, we wouldn’t be surprised if a Reflection appears congratulating Barack Obama on his win in the US Presidential election. Get it? It’s already written and so is one for Hillary. If these future Reflections are not yet written, we would not be surprised of find out that a ghost writer is writing Reflections and signing them as Fidel.


Since March 28, 2007, the Cuban President has renewed his work as an editorial writer with the frequent publication of Reflections, through which he makes known his critical vision on various matters of current world importance

  * Submission to Imperial Policies (27/08/2007)
  * Remembering Chibás, 100 years after his birth (25/08/07)
  * The empire tastes an unprecedented moral defeat (22/08/07)
  * The Empire and the Independent Island (Parts IV and V) (17/08/07)
  * The Empire and the Independent Island (Parts II and III) (16/08/07)
  * The Empire and the Independent Island (Part I) (15/08/07)
  * A written record (7/08/07)
  * Politics and sports (4/08/07)
  * A Reflection on Hard and Obvious Realities (3/08/07)
  * The eternal flame (31/07/07)
  * Despite Everything (30/07/07)
  * The revolting commercialization of athletes (27/07/07)
  * Is Brazil the United States’ substitute? (23/07/07)
  * Another reflection about the Pan-American Games (19/07/07)
  * Reflections on the Panamerican Games (17/07/07)
  * The brain drain (17/07/07)
  * Bush, health and education (14/07/07)
  * Cuba’s self-criticism (10/07/07)
  * World tyranny (7/07/07)
  * The killing machine (30/06/07)
  * The Good Lord protected me from Bush (28/06/07)
  * An honorable response (27/06/07)
  * Another argument for the Manifesto (24/06/07)
  * Response to the Message from the Young Communists League (23/06/07)
  * A reflection on my reflections (22/06/07)
  * Vilma’s struggles (20/06/07)
  * They will never have Cuba (17/06/07)
  * Needing affection (13/06/07)
  * The Tyrant Visits Tirana (11/06/07)
  * Bush’s lies and cons (7/06/07)
  * The G-8 meeting (29/05/07)
  * Ideas cannot be killed (28/05/07)
  * Bush expects everything to be solved with a bang (25/05/07)
  * For the deaf who won’t listen (23/05/07)
  * Nobody wants to take the bull by the horns (22/05/07)
  * The English submarine (21/05/07)
  * The Unanimous Opinion (16/05/07)
  * Lessons we learned from the 6th Hemispheric Meeting in Havana (14/05/07)
  * The debate heats up (9/05/07)
  * The tragedy threatening our species (7/05/07)
  * It is imperative to immediately have an energy revolution (30/04/07)
  * A Brutal Reply (10/04/07)
  * The internationalization of genocide (3/04/07)
  * More than three billion people in the world are being condemned to a premature death from hunger and thirst (28/04/07)

Click here for links to ALL of the above Reflections posted at Juventud Rebelde

  1. Follow up post #1 added on September 04, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Ghost(writer) of Fidel Castro endorses Clinton Obama ticket is a recent post at the Havana Journal and we just found this letter to Hugo Chavez posted at Radio Habana so you know Fidel is still alive grin

    President Fidel Castro Sends his Venezuelan Counterpart a Letter Urging Him to Continue Fighting Imperialism

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez read on Monday a letter sent to him y his Cuban counterpart Fidel Castro who urged the South American leader to continue his struggle against imperialism.

    Fidel also sent the Venezuelan leader some recently edited books on his reflections on capitalism.

    Chavez read the letter during his Sunday Alo Presidente program aired on radio and television during the inauguration of a corn factory which was constructed through an agreement with Iran.

    The Venezuelan leader thanked Fidel for his letter and stressed that “this letter motivates, drives and strengthens”.

    During the live program, broadcasted from the Venezuelan state of Yaracuy, Chavez highlighted the good mood of the Cuban President.

    “Dear Hugo: I understand on the fervor of your battle of ideas, especially your rejection against hypocrisy and the lies of the sustained consumerism model imposed by imperialism”, write Fidel in the letter.

    He continued, “I am dedicating myself to that now in my veteran years: fight in order for humanity not to be deprived to the right of existence”.

    Fidel Castro told President Chavez: “Do not be frightened over the one grey hair that you discovered: my problem is that I do not have one single black hair in my white head. When that time comes you will discover that you will lack more than ever the time to meditate”.

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  2. Follow up post #2 added on September 04, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Another timely (NOT) Reflection from beyond…

    The super-revolutionaries

    More “evergreen” insulting-to-the-intelligent propaganda crap.

    I can’t believe that even the most loyal supporters of Fidel can read this and not think that he is dead or dying AND feel insulted that Fidel is going out with a huge burst of propaganda.

    Funny that some in the media will eat this up as proof that Fidel is alive.

    Havana Journal readers know better.

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  3. Follow up post #3 added on September 08, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Here is the latest Reflection from the ghostwriter of Fidel Castro:

    Fidel Castro: W and APEC

    Important meetings take place at such a frantic pace and Bush flies around and speaks at such speed that it is almost impossible to keep track. En route to Sydney, he stopped over for a few hours in Iraq, no less. I can’t say whether this happened two or three days ago, because when it’s Thursday in Sydney and the sun is almost at high noon over the land, it’s still Wednesday in Havana with its fresh night air. The globalized planet Earth changes and transforms our concepts. Only one reality remains unchanged: the Empire’s network of air, sea, land and space military bases, increasingly more powerful and at the same time more vulnerable.

    We don’t need to go into any special efforts of persuasion. Let us allow the U.S. news agency to speak for itlself. (click title to read the entire Reflection. Itlself is spelled this way in the Reflection)


    I guess Fidel has not looked at his out dated oil burning electric plants or been to Havana Harbor lately. Cuba has a terrible pollution record but I guess it’s easy for this ghostwriter to just keep churning out the propaganda.

    To the ghost of Fidel: You are a joke now. No one believes you are writing these Reflections. Show your face in public or at least on video holding today’s Granma.

    Cuba consulting services

  4. Follow up post #4 added on September 12, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    The shit just keeps getting deeper and deeper. If Fidel is so mentally alert and wishing to have some relevance in the world politics stage, why won’t he show his face, especially now since Alarcon and the Culture minister have been forced to come out and say he is fine.

    Here’s story from Grama titled The Empire and It’s Lies yet it talks about how Fidel Castro saved Regan’s life and here’s the story from the Associate Press.

    Then there are these stories about how the Bush administration orchestrated the 9/11 attacks:

    from Reuters and Granma.cu.

    So, as you can see, Fidel is doing just fine.

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  5. Follow up post #5 added on September 18, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    No new Reflections released since last Tuesday 9/11 and that one had no dated material and neither have the numerous ones before that one.

    So, really there is nothing in any recent Reflection (other than a copy and paste of a news story) to indicate that any Reflection has actually been written recently.

    Until Fidel AT LEAST appears in a photo holding the day’s Granma, I am sticking to my belief that he is AT BEST severely incapacitated and probably on life support of very close to it.

    I have not said that he is dead yet. Rumors of his death surfaced several weeks ago and I think we would have heard something by now.

    So, my best guess is that he is stable… stable on life support or stable with one foot on a banana peel and one foot in the grave.

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  6. Follow up post #6 added on September 19, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Geesh. I don’t even bother reading them anymore.

    FIDEL, YOU ARE A BORE! or should I say the ghost(writer) of Fidel is a bore!

    Once again there is NOTHING in here that mentions any current news.

    Deliberate Lies, Strange Deaths and Aggression to the World Economy

    In one of my reflections I made reference to gold bars deposited in the basements of the Twin Towers.  This time the subject is quite a bit more complicated and hard to believe.  Almost four decades ago scientists living in the United States discovered the Internet, the same way that Albert Einstein, born in Germany, discovered in his own time the formula to measure atomic energy.
    Einstein was a great scientist and humanist.  He contradicted Newton’s laws of physics, held sacred until then.  However, apples continued to fall due to the laws of gravity that had been defined by Newton.  These were two different ways of observing and interpreting nature, with very little information on this in Newton’s day.

    I remember what I read more than 50 years ago about the famous theory of
    relativity elaborated by Einstein: energy is equal to mass times the speed of light, called C, squared: E=MC2.  The United States money existed and the resources necessary for such expensive research.  The political climate resulting from the generalized hatred against the brutalities of Nazism in the richest and most productive nation in the world destroyed by the war, transformed that fabulous energy into bombs that were dropped over the defenseless populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths and a similar number of people who were exposed to radiation and subsequently died in the
    following years.

    blah blah blah

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  7. Follow up post #7 added on September 21, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    As posted in this ongoing thread FIDEL CASTRO HEALTH WATCH it appears as though Fidel is alive and appears in a video with current topics.

    So, I have to admit that I was wrong by assuming that these Reflections were written by the “ghost(writer)” of Fidel Castro.

    I apologize to Havana Journal readers for this assumption. I thought I had a handle on Fidel and the propaganda from the Cuban government but I guess not.

    Cuba consulting services

  8. Follow up post #8 added on September 30, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    1. I have changed the title of this article and removed the ghost(writer) reference. As we all know by now, Fidel Castro was seen alive and (not so) well on video a couple weeks ago. So, perhaps he is writing these Reflections.

    Here’s his latest one One more Argument for the U.N.:

    While I am working with the already famous Greenspan book, I read an article published by El País, a Spanish newspaper with a circulation of more than 500,000, according to reports; I would like to pass this on to the readers.  It is signed by Ernesto Ekaizer, and it literally reads:
    “Four weeks before the Iraq invasion which happened in the night of March 19 to 20, 2003, George W. Bush publicly sustained his demands of Saddam Hussein in the following terms: disarmament or war.  In private, Bush acknowledged that war was inevitable.  In a long private conversation with the then Spanish president, José María Aznar, held on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at the Crawford Ranch in Texas, Bush made it clear that the moment had come to get rid of Saddam.  ‘We have two weeks.  In two weeks our military will be ready.  We will be in Baghdad at the end of March’, he told Aznar.

    “The moment has come to get rid of Saddam.

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  9. Follow up post #9 added on October 08, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Che from October 7.

    In his Monday’s article entitled «Che,» the Cuban Revolution leader highlighted the revolutionary struggle and example left by the heroic guerrilla fighter, from who he said: fights with us and for us

    Milosevic’s response from October 2.

    Cuban President Fidel Castro makes public a letter sent March 30, 1999 by the then president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, as a response to the missive sent by Castro on March 25. In this correspondence, Milosevic conveys thanks for the strong support and encouragement to Yugoslavia, as well as for the condemnation expressed by Cuba and its representatives against NATO aggression

    The Empire’s Illegal Wars from October 1.

    In his Tuesday article entitled “The Empire’s Illegal Wars,” the Cuban President Fidel Castro reveals the content of a message sent to Milosevic the day before the beginning of the attack by the NATO forces

    Aznar’s silence from September 29

    The Cuban president makes new revelations about the former Spanish president’s complicity with the United States government in the war against Yugoslavia. He concludes this latest «Reflection» requesting Mr. Aznar to say whether or not he advised President Clinton on April 13, 1999 to bombard Serbian radio and television stations

    Cuba consulting services

  10. Follow up post #10 added on November 14, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Fidel Castro Sends Message of Support to Peoples Summit

    The Ibero American Summit ended in Chile with two communiqués condemning impunity afforded in the case of anti-Cuban terrorist Posada Carriles and the US blockade of Cuba.

    SANTIAGO DE CHILE, November 10. — A surprise call from Cuban President Fidel Castro sounded a high note at the conclusion the Peoples Summit for Friendship and Integration, which ended on Saturday in Santiago de Chile with the presence of presidents Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, Evo Morales from Bolivia, Nicaraguan head of state Daniel Ortega and Cuban vice-president Carlos Lage Dávila.

    After talking with President Castro, Chavez said to a passionate crowd that the Cuban president recalled the Chilean fighters who died fighting against dictator Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution in 1979 led by today’s president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, reported the DPA news agency.

    Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Cuba consulting services

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