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Several articles have been published regarding the new US Cuba travel policy that is expected soon from the Obama Administration.

From CNN Obama administration preparing to loosen rules on Cuba travel

The Obama administration is preparing to announce new rules allowing some travel to Cuba, along with an expanded ability for Americans to send economic assistance, a senior U.S. official and congressional sources said Wednesday.

According to two congressional aides briefed informally on the plans, the administration is expected to announce “soon” that it will essentially reinstate measures that were in place under the Clinton administration.

Both aides stressed that the administration is still working through the details and legal language.

“It’s a return to Clinton, plus some,” one aide said, noting that President George W. Bush tightened restrictions on travel and cultural exchanges.

A good summary from with a petition to encourage the President: Mr. President, Be Bold on People to People Travel to Cuba

The Brookings Institute article: Seizing the Opportunity to Expand People to People Contacts

Governor Richardson weighs in with his Time for Western Hemisphere countries to collaborate opinion as he travels to Cuba. Word now is he is expected to push for the release of Alan Gross while the Governor is in Cuba.

So, will the President’s announcement help or hinder the movement of HR 4645 through the House Foreign Affairs committee?

Time magazine asks Will the White House Fight to End the Cuba Travel Ban?

Also, we have to ask, will the very tiny but very vocal minority of Cuban Americans have any effect on the President or 4645?

Add this to the mix too…

The Catholic Church in Cuba responds to open letter from dissidents.

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