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Posted December 05, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Human Rights

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For Cuba to live freely Cubans must all be free

Havana, December 2, 2006- In today’s celebration, once again the government has exhibited the force of its army, the glory and memory of its victories, massive demonstrations of support and the durability of its power, but not of liberty.

Freedom that is the inalienable right of human beings and, without this condition, it is not possible to say that power is of the people.

For Cuba to live freely depends on us the Cuban people, also on those who govern.

For Cuba to live freely the following must be a reality:

Ø    That every Cuban could express freely his ideas and feelings and that nobody has to be quiet or feign out of fear or be suppressed, imprisoned, marked or excluded for expressing his opinions.

Ø    That all Cubans, whether they live inside or outside the country, could travel without restrictions and enter freely into their country and go out freely whenever they wish. As long as this is not so, Cubans are living as if in a large jail in which many wait for the opportunity to escape.

Ø    That Cubans as well and not only foreigners could have their own businesses and companies and that workers could have all of their trade union rights. This way, the poor majority could stop being discriminated while a minority is privileged.

Ø    That all the citizens could organize freely in political parties and not only the communists with their sole party, denying this right to the majority. Then there would be respect for the diversity that is present in society and there would not be oppression.

Ø    That the citizens could truly choose their representatives, then power would be democratic and of the sovereign people.

Ø  That all Cubans that are imprisoned for peacefully defending or exercising human rights be liberate, because while they remain imprisoned not only is there a grave injustice being committed, but there will be a reminder that not all Cubans are free.

We believe that yes, that the problems and differences of the Cuban State with the United States of America and with any other state must be resolved by negotiation on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference.

In Latin America, imperfect democracy has given the people the right and the opportunity to decide through its mechanisms about the deep changes that are needed in their societies to make them more just. Also in the United States of America, their imperfect democracy offers the opportunity for the people to indicate through its mechanism their dissent and desire for changes. In Cuba the communist system, which claims to be the perfect democracy, is denying to the people the right to changes and to indicate these changes through its mechanisms the way that it has been done throughout the entire continent. This opportunity is so that the people can express their will for change through these mechanisms, this is the right that the Varela Project defends. That’ is why we will continue to promote the referendum that the Varela Project asks for and proposing the Program for all Cubans, until in the law and in practice all rights are guaranteed to all Cubans.

Monolithic unity represents the silencing and oppression of the majority, that is, unity through chains. Cuba urgently needs dialogue without exclusions, with the participation of Cuban men and women, believers and non believers, of all political perspectives, and ways of thinking.

The organic unity that our people need in order to look at the future and to respond to its challenges is that which is achieved by means of dialogue without borders and without exclusions among Cubans. A dialogue on the basis of respect for the dignity and the rights of all and also with forgiveness between all so as to achieve reconciliation, because the Creator, our Father, granted all Cubans this beautiful island so that we can live as brothers.

Let us construct now this unity in diversity, the true unity that is within fraternity and liberty.

Oswaldo José Paya Sardiñas

  1. Follow up post #1 added on December 05, 2006 by J. Perez

    I can not find anything wrong with this pronouncement.

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