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Posted March 22, 2005 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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Publisher note: Apparently this is the worst news Cubanet.org can dig up for today in Cuba. Remember, this organization recieves millions of US dollars to report on the evil Castro empire. Of course we applaud the bravery of the reporters in Cuba since what they are doing is technically illegal but is cubanet.org really spending millions of US taxpayers dollars wisely? Read the following reports and decide for yourself. The titles and content are unedited.

Emigration offices runs out of forms for exit permits

HAVANA, March 21 (Juan Carlos Linares Balmaseda / [url=http://www.cubanet.org]http://www.cubanet.org)[/url] -
The emigration office in the “10 de Octubre"district in the capital has
run out of forms for those wishing to leave the island legally.

Even though someone has a valid visa to enter a foreign country, he or
she needs an exit permit in order to leave Cuba.

Known colloquially as the “white card,” the exit permit costs 150
dollars, payable through the purchase of stamps at a bank.

The emigration offices open at 8 a.m., by which time there are usually
long lines of people waiting to request exit permits.

Washroom attendance fired after requesting exit permit to emigrate
to the U.S.

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, March 21 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press /
[url=http://www.cubanet.org]http://www.cubanet.org)[/url] - Felix Cárdenas Perez, a retiree working as a bathroom
attendant on Santa Clara’s boulevard, lost his job last week after
applying for a permit to emigrate.

A document signed by Rafael Gavilanes y Ovidio Marrero, director of
community services, said Cárdenas Perez was being fired because he was no
longer “worthy of confidence” since he had applied to leave for the
United States.

When Cárdenas Perez requested a copy of the resolution denying him the
exit permit, he was told, “We’re not going to give you any document you
can take to the American embassy.”

Dissident fined for using a home-made stove

RANCHUELO, Cuba, March 21 (Felix Reyes Gutierrez, Cubanacán Press /
[url=http://www.cubanet.org]http://www.cubanet.org)[/url] - An opposition pacifist was fined 500 pesos - about $200
- last week for using a home-made stove.

Luis Enrique Junquera García, a delegate of the dissident Liberal
Democratic Party, told the inspectors he had no other means of preparing
meals for his children, aged 10 and 12 years.

The inspectors, from the electric company, checked all of the
electrical installations and equipment in Junquera García’s home.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on March 22, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    This just in,breaking news!

    Over 20 million homeless in the US,without food or shelter,not even at least some rations!

    Americans are not free to travel,traveling to Cuba can cost as high as $250,000!

    Children in America are taking guns to schools and start killing at will!

    So? Whats your point dude from Cubanet.org?

    There is bad all over the world including right here in the US!


    Speak on how mariel detanees were l;et lose with not even a dollar to their name!

    Mama always said,if you cant talk nice about someone…you know the rest!

  2. Follow up post #2 added on March 23, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    The point of Cubanet as I have already pointed out is that the news they provide is not available in Cuba due to the Cuban government’ monopoly on the media. Unlike in the US. It is not Cubanet’ job to provide news on the “bad all over world, including the US” as there are plenty of media outlets, independent of their respective governements who do that.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on March 23, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    Are you telling me that this government doesnt tell the media what to or not to air/say?

    Hahahahaha how feeble minded is that!

  4. Follow up post #4 added on March 23, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    The US government might like to/try to tell the media what to say (and even then I do not believe that to be the case) but the American media is not CONTROLLED by the US government, unlike in Cuba.

    And please do not be abusive. That shows that you have lost the argument.

  5. Follow up post #5 added on March 23, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    You have no clue to what this government controls,I do,first hand.

    Enoguh said!

  6. Follow up post #6 added on March 23, 2005 by jesusp with 246 total posts

    It is the same mindless hostility that has been going on for 40+ years, what is needed is respectful and constructive dialogue from both sides. There are plenty of people on both sides that would welcome that, so what’ holding it up?
    I’ll tell you what, intransigence and stupidity, that’ what.

  7. Follow up post #7 added on March 23, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    Note to publisher: there is nothing technically illegal about what Cuban independent journalists do - it IS illegal. Charges of “disseminating enemy propaganda” i.e. expressing opinions at odds with those of the Government, can result in sentences of up to 14 years. The Cuban Constitution states that print and electronic media are state property and can never become private property. The Penal Code bars “clandestine printing” and provides for 3 to 6 months’ imprisonment for failure to identify the author of a publication or the printing press used to produce the publication. There are currently 21 independent journalists still incarcerated, in disgraceful conditions, of those jailed in March 2003. Please see the website [url=http://www.rsf.org]http://www.rsf.org[/url]

  8. Follow up post #8 added on March 24, 2005 by Dana Garrett with 252 total posts

    >>Charges of “disseminating enemy propaganda” i.e. expressing opinions at odds with those of the Government…<<

    Cubana, are those really the same?  “Disseminating enemy propaganda”  =  “expressing opinions at odds with those of the Government?”

    I thought that “Disseminating enemy propaganda” would be equivalent to me passing out literature from the Cuban government in the USA as one of their agents. But that wouldnít be the same as me ““expressing opinions at odds with those of the [USA] Government?”

    How is it different in Cuba?

  9. Follow up post #9 added on March 24, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    You are right Dana. I should have said “including” rather than i.e. I was referring to Law 88 (otherwise known as the “gag law”). Under the law anyone possessing or disseminating “subversive” literature may be subject to fines and prison terms of 7 to 20 years for each charge. This could therefore be Cuban produced independent articles or anything brought in from abroad.

  10. Follow up post #10 added on March 27, 2005 by waldo with 264 total posts

    SO: what is new cubanet? most of the bad news and complains about Cuba that you bring foward are mostly old news in the media bombardment and grapevine emanating from, to and in Miami. What real new news do you have for example regarding Castro’ fortune valued at some $500 million US dollars, or is it $5 billion dollars?

  11. Follow up post #11 added on March 28, 2005 by PABLOPUEBLO with 86 total posts

    SPeak the Word! I am living in the could Europe,because of
    criticizing the commander in chief,because under the valid
    low code in Cuba,if you criticize any member of the Politbureau
    you could get 1year in prison,but if you criticize the Leader
    the veredict for you is 2-3 years jailed and AM a just Critic,
    because I always hail,the achievements in Public Health,Sports,
    and Education reached by the Havana-government and that’ why
    despite the those big achievements,the cuban government has been condemned more than 15 times by the UNHumanRightsCommission
    We,the cuban must work together,and put aside repression and
    useless old policies,the government in Havana must get rid of

  12. Follow up post #12 added on March 28, 2005 by waldo with 264 total posts


    Many people think that Amnesty International (AI) is trying hard to do a good job towards human rights at many locations of human mistreatment. However many believe that there is room for AI to expand and go beyond its present power and range of work. Recent press releases in Madrid and U.K. well covered the 71 Cuban political prisoners jailed in Havana, but offered no details about the 5 Cuban political prisoners jailed at five different locations throughout the U.S. Most would agree that in all fairness and equality AI ought to integrate into its cartel the case of the Cuban 5 (Antonio, Fernando, Gerardo, Ramon and Rene).

    The stories and issues of both sets of prisoners do have many similarities and characteristics in common such as nationality, politics, trial, disproportionate sentencing, treatment and conditions in prisons, lack of family visits, etc. And, there is an additional very important motive-issue in favor of the Cuban 5 that does not exist in the case of the 71. The mission of the 5 was to collect information in order to avert future terrorist actions been planed in Southern Florida against their island. During the past 43 years, an estimated 3,000 human beings have died in Cuba as a consequence of innumerable acts of terrorism, aggressions and invasions emanating from abroad and with headquarters in Miami.

    AI beyond task would be that of negotiator, conflict resolution and executor, bringing more power to it while contributing to ease tensions accumulated for over four decades between two equally Sovereign Nations. AI mission beyond would then be that of physically exchanging political prisoners from both sides of the Florida Strait with a mission statement like: ” 71 for 5 “.

  13. Follow up post #13 added on March 28, 2005 by jesusp with 246 total posts

    Excellent point Waldo, a valid suggestion for AI to consider.

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