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Posted August 29, 2011 by publisher in US Embargo

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Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Today is the beginning of the end for Michelle Bachmann.

I usually don’t comment on US politics unless it is directly related to Cuba policy, but since Michelle Bachmann was in Little Havana kissing some old Cuban exile ass, I couldn’t help but to sum up my thoughts with the title of this article.

“The Minnesota congresswoman paid a midday visit to the Bay of Pigs Museum and then became the latest in a long line of candidates to stop by the Versailles Restaurant, where she pledged to “stand up against our enemies like the communist Castro brothers in Cuba.”

John McCain went down to kiss some old Cuban exile ass and he lost his ass in Florida. Old Cuban exiles in Miami DO NOT control the state vote or even the Miami vote anymore. MOST people in the US, in Florida and in Miami want the freedom to travel to any country in the world without restriction.

So, any candidates out there, don’t feel obligated to get the “Cuban American vote” from the TINY MINORITY of Cuban Americans who THRIVE by having the Castro brothers running Cuba. Try to get their support and you are running a campaign from 2004. Bye bye.

Bachmann says “stand up” to the Castros? Are they pushing us? Are they threatening the US somehow? Please Candidate Bachmann, tell us what you mean by that stupid comment.

The article goes on to say “Bachmann called Cuban-Americans “a wonderful example of the best of America—people who love freedom, who love liberty, who love their families, who aren’t afraid of their faith or ashamed of their faith. They want to stand for the goodness of everything that we know to be true about America but they also would love to see the people that remain in Cuba become free. That is a dream that will never die.”

I agree but there are different ways to help the Cuban people become free. Since the 50+ year old FAILED Plan A Embargo didn’t work, how about a Plan B? The old Cuban exiles gets MILLIONS of dollars EVERY year from USAID and other grants so you can be sure that they wake up every morning hoping Fidel and Raul live another day.

Too harsh… but true right?

“Bachmann also said it was wrong for President Obama to ease some sanctions on Cuba.”

The President did not ease sanctions on Cuba, he allowed more Americans to have the freedom to travel to Cuba. That is ease restrictions on Americans, not the country of Cuba. As usual for a dumb candidate, they have little understanding of the US Cuba policy or have any original thought about how to deal with Cuba… and old Cuban Americans who are anti-freedom for US citizens.

Too harsh… but true right?

Hurricane Irene Is ‘God’s Warning’ says Michele Bachmann

God is telling her that the recent earthquake and hurricane are reasons to listen to the American people who want Obama to be a one term President. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.  Bachmann on Monday said “it would be absurd and ridiculous to think” that she was pretending to know what God was thinking; she was just joking. Watch the video and see if she is joking. She’s just stupid.

Miami Herald Article

The first part of this Miami Herald article quotes Mason-Dixon pollster Brad Coker saying that “Bachmann is starting to look like a flavor of the month.”

Coker noted that Bachmann committed gaffes about the sites of revolutionary battles, the birthday of Elvis and the birthplace of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.  Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

In the second part of the article she said “The first place I visited in Miami was the Bay of Pigs museum. I did that because the Cuban-Americans represent fighters for liberty.” Really? What have the Cuban Americans done for liberty in Cuba? They take grants from the US Government to study Cuba and promote Democracy in Cuba. How’s that going? Old Cuban Americans first and foremost want to keep ALL Americans from traveling to Cuba. How is that fighting for the liberation of Cuba?

—————————————- Havana Journal Comments—————————————-

I am a Republican from Massachusetts. I voted for Congressman Delahunt several times (not that he ever needed my vote but I liked his Cuba policy and he didn’t seem to be a left wing liberal nut) but I never voted for Ted Kennedy or John Kerry (because the were/are left wing liberal nuts AND not very intelligent). I voted for Scott Brown because I like everything about Scott Brown). I voted for Obama because John McCain was an idiot however I will NOT be voting for Obama in 2012.

I like Mitt Romney then after him I have to say I like Ron Paul. I don’t like Rick Perry (remember the last Governor from Texas?) and I never liked George Bush but I did vote for him twice because the alternatives (Al Gore and John Kerry) were disgusting choices for me. Imagine if Al Gore or John Kerry were actually President? Wow.

So, I’m no great Political analyst but I’d say she’s out of the race by the end of the year. No way she makes it to any primary.

Maybe Sarah Palin will get in the race? Hah! Don’t get me started? At least I don’t think she’s met with any old Cuban exiles… yet.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on September 01, 2011 by El Capitan with 2 total posts

    I agree… Every other word she says is “Israel”, and every other historical tidbit she quotes is WRONG.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on September 03, 2011 by Rich_Haney

    An excellent post, Rob. Unfortunately, both the seriously comical “presidential” prospects (like Bachmann and Palin) as well as the seriously political prospects such as your favorite Romney from your homestate must do exactly what Bachmann did…rush to South Florida and, as you say, “Kiss exile ass” in Little Havana. Florida, unfortunately, has 29 electoral votes. Plus, the elite and ruling exiles have loads of cash, and the electoral process in the U. S. democracy, quite unfortunately, is totally dependent on cash bestowed on candidates by special interests, especiallly after this summer’s gutless decision by the U. S. Supreme Court allowing “unlimited” corporate donations. That’s why our process now produces Bachmanns and Palins. By contrast, the much maligned (with reason) island of Cuba has produced a brilliant, patriotic, modest political-type that Fidel Castro, in his closing days of life, calls “the most important person on the island.” The blogspot http://cubaninsider.blogspot.com has an article explaining her importance and today’s Cuban Journal is among the blogs that led its posting today with that Cubaninsider article.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on September 26, 2011 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Let the nuttiness continue.

    Michelle Bachmann has either already been paid by the old Cuban exiles in Miami or expects to get their minority vote.

    From WSJ:

    “This time, the Minnesota congresswoman cited “reports” that Hezbollah, the militant Muslim group based in Lebanon, had established training sites in Cuba and might even set up missile sites 90 miles from U.S. soil.”

    Really Michelle? If you believe this and listen to what the old Cuban exiles say, you are just plain stupid which is worse than being too nutty to be President of the US.

    Bye bye.

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