Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Recently actress Julia Stiles was on a humanitarian trip to Havana Cuba where it was written that she was “stranded” because she ran out of money. What was left out of this Wall Street Journal article was that she met with world renowned Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez.

Apparently P2Pnet is exclusively reporting details of the meeting along with this photo of the pair.

P2Pnet says it posts “news, stories, features and commentaries on digital media, distributed computing and associated technologies and events which haven’t been spun, filtered and pre-digested by vested corporate interests” and that it places “special emphasis on freedom of speech, P2P and sharing”.

So, I find it very interesting that they were able to write this news article about Yoani Sanchez meeting with Julia Stiles.

If President Obama had the courage to allow more Americans to travel on “people to people” trips to Cuba, perhaps these types of meetings would be more common.