Fidel Castro has been in power in Cuba for 47 years. He changed his Country from Capitalist country to Socialist or Marxist-Lennist Country. And He with Che Guevara want to spread social revolution to Latin America and the Carribean.

They say that the US Embargo has prevented Cuba from coming a powerful socialist Country in the American, and with the crack down on dissedents,economy, and the killing and the torturing of enemies of Cuba government, has not made Fidel Castro a likible person to Miami Cubans, who seem to be his victims. But what has a those year of tumbing his nose at the U.S. and surving the “Bay of Pigs” other assassination atempt. Has it paid of? Maybe not for Cuba yet. But it sure has for Hispanic as whole who are flooding to the United States at alarming rate, NAFTA and KAFTA free trade agreements, and Out sourcing job around the world. Is Castro of Socialism the reason behind all this. Are Socialism finally winning the war in Latin America and the Carribean and has Cuba been the sacrificial lamb all time to suffer greatly for the benefit of social revolution in the America? And are Hispanics see those benefits now? And if Fidel Castro is not response for the spread secretly of social revolution then why are US signing trade deal with Latin American which for years the ignored, Why is the U.S. out sourcing to India and China and Why is the U.S. let in so many Mexican and other Latin Americans. Are they being force to by socialist?