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Posted October 11, 2005 by bobbi in Castro's Cuba

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It know big secret that the Castro is a Sephardic Jewish name Castrojeriz in Northern Castile, the home of one of the earliest Jewish communities in Spain. Castrojeriz in Northern Castile.

The home of one of the earliest Jewish communities in Spain. Castrojeriz in Northern Castile, the home of one of the earliest Jewish communities in Spain.” Castro family come form Galecia where there were as de Castros or Castro there. The early recorded Castro was rumor to be marranos or Jew name Inez de Castro who became a noble women like alot of Jews around the time of the Black Plague because Jews and some Gypsies like my family where know to have protect agianst the Black Plague with the CCR5 gene, which also protect agianst HIV. I know for fact the there are some De Castros who carry it and maybe Fidel himself carry the gene too. I carry the gene so I wonder if our family were related at one time and Inez de Castro was common ancestor who lived 1355ths right after the Black Plague.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on October 13, 2005 by GregoryHavana with 196 total posts

    Does it really matter whether Castro is a Jew or not? Human beings are human beings…period. Racial distinctions only strengthen racism.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on October 13, 2005 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    De Castros were not Jewish but some of them were gypsies or Jewish-gypsies, Cohen Jews and carry CCR5 gene, which aloud them to married European royality especially in the Spanish and Portuguese royal families. De Castros were all related to Inez de Castro who was without doubt a marranos, because also other De Castros in the early 1300ths who were also Jews. Jews are extremly important to the Socialist movement infact you could say Jews are the socialist movement I know other would disagree but socialism just like communism goes way back long long before Marx and Lenin. The just did not call it socialism or communism the call it other names like caste or feudal or Jew and Gentile or Gypsy and Gadje or Communial living like Kabutz or Neolithic culture. Because Jews real don’t mine how the game is play just long as they come out on top or the winner; no matter wheather that game is Capitalism, Communism or Socialism Jew want to come out on top and if that is racism I guess Jews are racist but for there own survival. I believe Jews and those related to Jews are extremely bless people of Eurasian origins. And I believe Eurasian people have plain or world agenda and we are part of that world agenda, I believe other have rule this planet for thousand of year now it will our turn. I believe both Jews and muslim will be part of that plain but not the of jews you see now and not the type of muslim you see now there will be new leadership that will emerge that are all dedicated to Socialism like Shimon Perez in Israel and Modernate Muslim leaders like Mahmoud Abbas who deals with socialist and Pacifist Jews. I believe socialism will end racism for us and there will eventual leaders of various countries all working for social revolution and social change. Palestian is already socialist and I believe in the near future Israel will be too, which give them the best chance for peace and racial tolerance of people and each relegion.

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