Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

There are several things that are making me wonder if Fidel Castro is dead… for real this time.

Perhaps the Cuban government is preparing the world for the death of Fidel Castro.

Here are several items, taken collectively can make one wonder about the health of Fidel Castro.

1. Fidel Castro not seen alive since June
2. No recent “Reflections”
3. No comments on Raul’s Presidency.
4. Release of healthy photos of Fidel.
5. No mention of Fidel’s birthday today.

Fidel Castro not seen alive since June 11

The last person from outside of Cuba to see Fidel Castro alive is Evo Morales on June 11. We posted this article and will keep it updated whenever a leader from outside of Cuba confirms to the international audience that Fidel Castro is alive. As of today, it has been over two months since anyone has seen him alive.

No recent “Reflections” on current events

Fidel has not posted a Reflection regarding a current event since July 23. His last two Reflections have been “evergreen” meaning that he could have written them in the past so someone could release and post them at any time and make it look like Fidel is still writing his Reflections… if indeed he is writing them.

No comments on Raul’s Presidency

Many times since Raul has been President of Cuba, Fidel would comment on something Raul said. In many cases Fidel would “clarify” Raul’s position as in the case when Raul said that he would talk about “everything” with the United States and how the US misinterpreted Raul’s comments. This was back in April. I cannot think of a recent comment from Fidel concerning Raul’s words or actions.

Release of healthy photos of Fidel

Fidel Castro’s son is presenting a photo exhibit of a healthier looking Fidel but will only say that the photo was taken “very recently”. This tends to make one wonder why won’t his son say when the picture was taken. Also, according to the AP, the man in the photo is an air conditioning repairman. Why couldn’t the photographer wait until the repairman was out of the photo? Why is this photo exhibit so lame and why is this news?

Smells like more propaganda. Is this the best celebration that the Cuban government can orchestrate for Fidel’s 83rd birthday? Doesn’t seem like too many people in the Cuban government care much about Fidel anymore.

No mention of Fidel’s birthday today

The silence is deafening. Today is Fidel’s 83rd birthday and I am seeing ZERO reports out of Cuba of any celebrations… not even propaganda other than the lame photo exhibit mentioned above.


As a Cuba watcher for now eleven years, I have read thousands of articles containing either pure propaganda or Communist spin. I have to wonder why today all is quiet in Cuba regarding Fidel.

Is the Cuban government winding down the Fidel Castro propaganda machine in order to make him less relevant so when he is pronounced dead that the country will not miss him as much? Certainly sounds like a plan that is in Raul’s best interest for the sake of his security as President.

All is quiet in Cuba regarding Fidel. Why?

Anyone else get the sense that something feels different this time?