Well known Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez has been very active lately blogging about everyday life in Cuba and she has posted an article about how people can assist the Cuban blogging movement in Cuba.

She says her request goes out to “citizens of the whole world and rests on the solidarity among people that has nothing to do with political stripes or ideological preferences.

  * Link to the blogs from Cuba.

  * Spread the Cuban blog articles.

  * Invite alternative bloggers to participate.

  * Lend a hand in the administration of blogs.

  * Support all Cuban bloggers, not just Yoani.

  * Buy cards for accessing the internet for Cubans.

  * Get digital media storage devices to Cuban bloggers.

  * Give mobile phones and funds for usage.

  * Give laptops and computer accessories.

  * Give software.

  * Give digital cameras and video recorders.

  * Give digital recorders for interviews and telephone recorders.

  * Give books about citizen journalism.

She suggests giving these products directly to the Cuban bloggers without intermediaries.

She is calling this movement “Oxygen for Cuban Bloggers”.

The Havana Journal proudly supports Yoani and the “alternative” press in Cuba. Unfortunately, due to the US Embargo, computers cannot be sold to Cuba but you can donate these items.

If you are interested to donate in some and would like more information, post in the comments below or send us an email.

If you have the means for delivering such supplies to Cuba, please post in the comments below or send us an email.