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Updated May 19, 2011 with bold comments below

You will see that once live pages used as examples of Circles Robinson’s employment in the Cuban government have been removed by the Cuban government so all my proof that Circles Robinson used to work for the Cuban government is now gone. Hmmm, why would all these pages with Circles Robinson’s name just disappear?

You don’t think the Cuban government is trying to hide the Circles Robinson/Cuban government connection do you?

I believe that the Cuban government is promoting the Havana Times in order to counter the international popularity of Yoani Sanchez’s blog, Generacion Y (here in English) and put their own positive propaganda spin on blogging from Cuba. Let me say that Generation Y is the real truth about Cuba but has been warned by the Cuban government as being counter-revolutionary. Don’t let the Cuban government trick you into thinking that the Havana Times is some sort of an independent media source. The odd thing is that Yoani is not hateful or vindictive. She simply reports about everyday life in Cuba but apparently the Cuban government can’t handle it because they recently detained her for blogging.

Here is article in Granma praising the launch of Havana Times in Spanish (I have posted the Google translated version below in English.) page removed by the Cuban government

There was also this press release announcing the launch of Havana Times in When two Cuban government publications promote a new Cuban website with “open minded thinking from Cuba”, you can be sure it is anything but open minded thinking from Cuba. page removed by the Cuban government

Havana Times management works for the Cuban government

Ihosvanny Cordoves, who is the English language translator for and writer for Radio Habana Cuba. He lives in Las Tunas Cuba and is the registrant in the whois information for the domain name Even though he lives in Las Tunas, he is using an address in Madrid Spain. Both pages removed by the Cuban government

Circles Robinson who has his own propagandist blog at Circles Robinson Online offers a “fresh angle” on Cuba and casually “suggests” that you try in his profile. Nowhere does he mention that he lives in Cuba nor does he mention that he works as a writer for many Cuban government publications.

Funny how Circles doesn’t want to have his name too much on It’s only here as an email address in the About Us page. Furthermore, I am not even sure how Circles Robinson can have a gmail address since he is living in Cuba. I would think Google would be in violation of the OFAC sanctions on some level. Then again, they probably don’t know that he is an agent of the Cuban government.

If you need proof, here are just a few of the articles that Circles Robinson has written for the Cuban government:

MINREX the Ministry of Foreign Affairs article by Circles Robinson this page is the only remaining page not taken down by the Cuban government

Radio Habana Cuba article by Circles Robinson page removed by the Cuban government Online article by Circles Robinson page removed by the Cuban government

ACN Cuban News Agency article by Circles Robinson page removed by the Cuban government

Cubarte The Portal of Cuban Culture article by Circles Robinson page removed by the Cuban government news agency article by Circles Robinson page changed by the Cuban government to remove Circles’ name

Prensa Latina Cuba news article by Circles Robinson link now redirected by the Cuban government

(You may have to wait for some to load. If the pages are not there, check Google’s cache)

These many articles and sources are proof that Circles Robinson is a senior agent who is very active at high levels in the Cuban government. Here’s my little argument with Circles Robinson we had on GlobalVoices which is a recommended site at vs.

The Cuban government should have been a little more thoughtful when they registered the .org version of Havana Times. is owned by Havana Journal Inc..

First, they registered the .org which will “bleed” traffic to the .com unless the website is a pure non-profit organization. The might be non-profit but surely not in the sense we Americans understand it to be. Second, they should have checked to see who owns the .com version and what they might think would happen when they try to fool the international public… and here’s why: now points to this article you’re reading right now. wink So, not only do I have the Havana Journal to make my case against, I have the to use against them in order to show the international public the truth about the propaganda that the Cuban government tries to pass off as “open minded thinking from Cuba”.

The domain name was registered in May 2008, more than four years after I registered my domain,

There are other agents working for the Cuban government on travel sites who give positive reviews of Cuban hotels and offer travel advice yet they refuse to admit that they too are agents of the Cuban government. I wouldn’t mind the and VoyHavana so much if they actually admitted that they are paid by the Cuban government to promote Cuba to an international audience.

English translation of Granma article “New website in English presents reality of Cuba”


The Havana Times website, designed to facilitate knowledge of the reality of the English-speaking country, was presented today at the headquarters of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), in the Cuban capital.

Available since last October in the e-mail, the project responds to one of the objectives of the Eighth Congress of the UPEC, aim to increase the informational proposals that reflect, in English, currently in Cuba on the Internet.

With an attractive, lightweight design, the initiative shows journalistic work and views of non-professionals about life in the largest of the Antilles, through cultural notes, pictures, interviews, feature stories, news and other sections.

Circles Robinson, editor of the site, said the idea offers a clear and truthful about Cuba and from Cuba, with an open mind, to encourage an intelligent and respectful debate.

Open to partners within and outside the country, the digital portal on the premise that the diversity of approaches is not a weakness but a strength, and has reported increased number of visits in nations like the United States and Canada, he said.

Tubal Paez, president of the UPEC, pointed out that the site fosters a closer dialogue with American society, implementing a kind of communication base for understanding the social reality of Cuba.

Havana Times is a tool to defend the revolution in the fight media, the principal means currently used by the enemies of the island to distort reality, he concluded Páez. (AIN)

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