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Posted December 06, 2004 by YoungCuban in Cuba Human Rights

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Life is rough in the U.S. said Antonio Quinta who recently went back to his homeland,Cuba.
Antonio Quinta who came to the U.S. by way of a raft nearly 10 years ago has returned home to Holguin,Cuba.
“All I had in the U.S. was an uncle who never really knew me, he was able to help me for a short while,setting me up with my own concrete pumping business,he paid for it all,helped me tremendously,but life in the U.S. is’nt what it’s cracked up to be,it’s hard,very hard”
Mr. Quinta’s concrete pumping business would bring in $2000-$4000 a month,but that was’nt enough to pay for his new lifestyle while helping his entire family in Cuba,including 3 children.
“Don’t get me wrong,the U.S. has a lot to offer Cubans,but as I found out the hard way,the reality of living in the U.S. with it’s freedoms,is very expensive” said Quinta

“I’d make $3000 in a month,which barely paid for the overwhelming bills one can pile up living in the U.S.,I paid $600
a month for a one bedroom apartment,$75 light bill,$75 phone bill,$325 for my truck, $125 for my trucks insurance, maintenance for my concrete pump,food, etc. and not to mention nearly 30% I had to pay in income taxes on the $3000”
“After making all my monthly payments I sometimes had barely enough money left for two weeks worth of groceries,much less help my family.”
“In Cuba I always had 3 square meals a day,I was never hungry in Cuba,but know what it’s like to be hungry in the U.S.”
“Reality hit me hard after so many years in the U.S.,in Cuba I would make $500 U.S. a month by repairing engines,motors etc.,I didn’t have to steal like others do,I made a great living in Cuba when you think about it”
“I came to the conclusion that anyone who is thinking of coming to the U.S.,to think about it more then once,if you do not have a good family member or close friend to truly help you out,then stay in Cuba,WE have no business in the U.S.”
“The solidarity and loneliness of being away from the ones you love can drive a man insane”
“The price of being seperated from one’s family is’nt worth it,the new travel restrictions was the icing on the cake,I cannot bare to see my family just once every 3 years,in the U.S. we are free to speak out loud,but I rather have the freedom to see my family more then anything in the world.”
Like Mr. Quinta many Cubans who have risked their lives in the name of freedom have gone back home to Cuba,it is a trend that is growing by the day that is being fueled by family unity and faith.
Is the price of what we call freedom in the U.S. worth being seperated from ones family?
Freedom to work,freedom of self betterment and expression,but the freedom of family unity no longer exists in the U.S. when it comes to Cubans with family in Cuba.
In God WE trust….

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