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Posted April 25, 2004 by publisher in Cuban History

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Fidel Castro: Ideas, Patriotism and Conscience Maintain the Revolution
Havana, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) President Fidel Castro asserted that the Cuban Revolution has resisted 45 years of United States power by the ideas, patriotism and conscience of the Cuban people.
Using both the experiences of Cuba at Giron and the resistance of the Iraqi people to illustrate successful resistance to an imperialist power, the Cuban leader pointed out “While one person defends a cause, that cause is not defeated.”

In a televised discussion on the anniversary of the Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs) victory Monday, Fidel Castro noted that Cuba is now better armed, has many more militia, and is prepared to better use them to confront any aggression even than when the “little ant” defeated the “great elephant” in 1961.

Discussing the present wars of conquest in the world, the Cuban president called attention to the fact that Iraq had played no part in the 9/11 attacks, but was invaded by the United States for oil and to establish Bushs fascist doctrine of the right to surprise attack any country.

“Terrorism was invented by our northern neighbors,” he said, and they havent abandoned that formula.

On the topic of the resolution, introduced by Cuba at the UN Human Rights Commission, to send a human rights rapporteur to assess the situation of the 600 prisoners held by the US in Guantanamo, Fidel Castro wondered aloud what the United States and its supposed allies in defense of human rights would do with such a charged and embarrassing question.

Fidel Castro highlights strength of Cuban Revolution

The Cuban people is prepared to face any imperialist intervention, said President Fidel Castro Monday during a TV program on occasion of the 43 anniversary of the Bay of Pigs battle.

The statesman attended the popular Round Table Radio and TV program together with other participants in the events originated by the mercenary Bay of Pigs invasion, financed, organized and carried out by the United States, which was defeated on April 19, 1961.

Those who pretend to threaten us with defeating the Revolution when I die are losing their time and talking a lot of rubbish, as there is no power in the world capable of defeating it, he added. “As long as there is a man defending a cause, that cause is not lost.” Fidel Castro assured that the level of revolutionary support to this process has not been ever achieved by any other political cause in the world and this has been possible, above all, due to the strength of the ideas, patriotism and conscience of Cubans, who have resisted for 45 years the power of an empire like the United States.

The Cuban leader contended that April 19, 1961 is a date that should not ever be forgotten because it marked the day when a little “ant” like Cuba, with morale, principles and revolutionary honor, faced the “elephant” represented by the Northern power.

Alter becoming the first nation in this hemisphere to obtain its total independence the 1st of January, 1959, in Giron Cuba showed that it was not a satellite of the Soviet Union, as some said, but a little sun, he expressed.

By highlighting the meaning of the Bay of Pigs battle, the head of State stressed that Cuba, history and the future of this hemisphere will owe a lot to that victory, to the bravery of the militias and the rest of the forces that fought the mercenaries which averted many deaths and destruction.

For that reason, he suggested making a monument in honor of the 151 Cubans who fell fighting in that war which, had it be extended, he affirmed, would have turned Cuba into another Vietnam for the US.

He warned that Cuba is better armed today than it was back then, it has many more militia troops, greater experience and it knows how to make better use of those elements to fight any imperialist aggression.

Our people is prepared and more fit each day, he added. “They pretend to threaten us but they will never accomplish it.” The Cuban president discarded a war of conquest in present day world conditions and put the example of Iraq, which in spite of not having had any participation in the terrorist actions of September 11, 2001 in New York, was invaded by the United States.

He denounced that the objective of attacking Iraq was the quest for oil and US president George Bush’s intention of imposing a fascist doctrine on the world to usurp the right of preemptively attacking any country.

It is posible to conquer a nation with all that power, but not to manage it. We said it before the war began and the forecast has come true to the line. Insted of advancing toward peace and the elimination of all kinds of terrorism, there has been a withdrawal, he sentenced.

They use planes, helicopters and missiles to Hill leaders. Never has terrorism reached so high a level, he warned.

Terrorism was an invention of our neighbors, he pointed out referring to the United States, which has not abandoned that formula.

What kind of peace can there be in a world where a chief of State gives himself the authority to order to kill another one?, he asked.

Fidel Castro also referred to the draft resolution presented by his country to the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, dealing with the over 600 prisoners detained by Washington at the US naval base in Guantnamo (Cuban territory usurped illegally by the US) without any legal process.

What will they do with the Cuban proposal that a representative of the Human Rights be sent there?, he inquired.

To the US and those so-called defenders of human rights who voted against Cuba, “a difficult, embarrasing and shameful moment has come”, he said

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