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Posted October 21, 2006 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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Comments by Brazil’s leftist president seemed simple enough, but one part of his speech left some wondering whether Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is still alive.

No new videos or pictures of Castro have been released since mid-September, and the death rumors are surfacing again.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula is very close to Castro, and journalists in Brazil broke the story about Castro’s cancer months ago. Time Magazine recently confirmed the story.

“You know that I love the Cuban revolution. I only regret that Fidel Castro didn’t make a political opening while he was still alive,” Lula said.

“I think what he said is that he thinks; he thinks that Fidel is dying,” said distinguished author and political analyst Carlos Alberto Montaner.

Montaner’s thoughts were echoed by Dr. Manuel Cereijo, who monitors Castro’s daily activities and has not seen any activity in the last month. Cereijo agreed that Brazil is a good source on Cuba.

“They are very close, and they have very good intelligence in Cuba,” Cereijo said. “What sources of intelligence tell and what we can find out, he is on chemotherapy, Castro is, and he is not responding (well),” Cereijo said.

“I think that Fidel is very ill and probably he has undergone a second surgery,” Montaner said.

Castro is not dead yet, but Lula’s slip of the tongue fired a firestorm of speculation.

Montaner said the regime does not want to exhibit a sickly Castro. Early on, the government labeled Castro’s illness a state secret.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on November 01, 2006 by Gambitt

    Castro is alive and recovering well.  He was on Cuban State TV, just this past weekend:


  2. Follow up post #2 added on November 22, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    I thing the Passion of some Cuban American and Hate the have person toward Fidel Castro has push some Cuban American to the point where have become the same monter they say Fidel Castro was.

    These same Cuban revoltutionaries alot of whom support Fidel Castro Socialist revoltution this is prior to Communism, and did support we he became Communist it wasn’t they were target that they became anti-Castro. These same Cuban American who called a socialist and Drug Kingpin when they have brought and sold in Miami more Cocaine then Fidel Castro could ever down. Cocaine and Cubans built Miami don’t lie, It did and If were not Fidel were would you be. You act like you hate him. Like all the Gay and Lesbian Cuban in South Beach because Fidel Call homosexual Conter-revoltutionary, who have no loyalities except to the Gay and Lesbian Community or the Gay Mafia; not JFK or Castro to themselve with their own personal agendy. Cuban American are not righteous Saints. They have brought more Drugs and Crime and Homosexuality in this Country then the Mexican ever could. These not righteous people. Fidel Castro did send his best to this country he sent his worse criminal and homosexual and dumb it all in Miami and now it spreading all over the country. If proud to be criminal people like gypsies or proud to be Homosexual and queer in South part part of America and gradually move that flit out Florida to other states with blessing of the Republican who look the other way on Drugs on Homosexuallity and Brownskinned pour immigrats from Latin American as long they say the Hate Communism and Hate Fidel Castro but other Homosexuals and Drug dealer and Brownskinned Mexican immigrats that are ready to drive them back to the board but not Cuban Americans, Our little brown brothers, They hate you just as much and the hate any other mexican but as long vote republican and get them a majority the will kiss your ass to the cow come home. But I hope ready to take on the rest of your brownskinned brothers and sisters in countries lik Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaguagua, Venezuela and Peru who have all turn lefist like Columbia. If you hate Castro the hate all of us because his us, we are him and you say nothing of Monster Bush who killed thousand in Iraq for Oil and kill socialist like the did all of in Latin America in place like Columbia, Nicaguaga, Peru, El Savador and Mexico, Now we you brown brother riding a wave of Socialism with China and you stead fast refuse you to ride and and it not because you hate Fidel Castro. You hate Socialism. Socialism that will get Universal Health Care, Strong Trade Unions, Social and Racial Justice for minority, Real right for Gay and Lesbian, not just special right Republicans like Foley and Anti-Castro Homosexual or Log Cabin Republicans, real right. support by the Catholic Church and not by Evangelical Christians.  Legalization of small quality of drugs, and Legalizate Prostitution and with random AIDs and other ETDs Test , to make sure sex is really safe.  Real Criminal and Drug rehabition so real people can get their live together, I am real government that support socialist countries with socialist foriegn policies and that help socialist government instead of seeking to destroy them. So we can really protect the middle class and protect real families. Capitalism is the destroying the middle class and the worker in not just the United States but all over Latin America. If Capitalism so good then why is it destroying the Middle Class.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on November 22, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    What is more Evil then Destroying the Middle Class workers in you Society.

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