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Posted August 07, 2006 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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Rio de Janeiro - A newspaper based in the commercial centre of Sao Paulo cited Brazilian government sources in its report Saturday that Cuban leader Fidel Castro has stomach cancer.

According to official statements Monday from Havana, Castro temporarily handed the reins of government to his brother and hand- picked successor, Raul, after undergoing surgery for an intestinal haemorrhage blamed on stress from recent overseas travel.

The Brazilian daily Folha de Sao Paulo cited normally reliable sources in the government in Brasilia as saying that Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was notified from Havana about the elder Castro’s medical condition. A leftist with lifelong good relations with the Cuban regime, Lula was supposedly told that Castro has a serious, malignant stomach tumour.

2006 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

  1. Follow up post #1 added on August 08, 2006 by Ralph

    What i’m saying has just 75% of credibility and that number is quite a bit in
    cases like this,Fc has not gastric carcinoma,he had months before a peptic
    ulcer which was not malignant,he has not tyroid carcinoma,and of course he
    has not a terminal stage of any cancer,no patient in such a circumstance could
    travel from Cuba to Argentina,make long speech,back to Cuba and go to the
    celebration of 26-07 and make more speeches,he learnt from insiders there,
    that Fcastro had the diagnoses of diverticulosis since years ago,which is “very
    normal findings in the colon of any old human” and some “polipos” that means
    benign small tumors and he is checked 3 times a week for his medical staff as
    a “normal routine”,everybody knows that he has the best medical care,not the medical care that the majority of cuban could have.The fact was he suffered a
    massive intestinal bleeding with small perforation and his doctors couldn’t stem
    it with drugs then he had to undergone a difficult surgery and reckon with the
    age of Castro and the urgency of the situation one out 4 is expected to survive,
    Castro was on the brink of dying,very much so on the verge of dying on 29,30,
    31 july,(he was operated on 07-29) However the is doing well and his recovery
    is unexpectedely well.The future,even the immidiate one you never know, at
    best for Castro he has to reduce his workload greatly to his very end,which
    appears not to be soon.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on August 09, 2006 by Rick Hyatt

    Isn’t it obvious?  He’s got Napolean’s Disease, that is to say, rat bait poisoning by someone close to him.. Who’s no longer on TV… Raual, Where Are You?
    Could this be what’s happened to the Dear Leader in North Korea, even?
    At least the method is… Appropriate… “Rat Poison?”
    Rick Hyatt
    Hell, and I don’t even smoke cigars…

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