I’m sure I will take some heat for being so cruel and tasteless but I think many Havana Journal readers would like to weigh in on the prediction for Castro’s last day on this earth so I figured I would put this post out there as a contest instead of a boring request for predictions.

DEATH: The Havana Journal will award $100 to the person that most closely predicts the official DATE AND TIME OF DEATH of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, under or over.

DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: The Havana Journal will award $100 to the person that most closely predicts the DATE of the death announcement of Fidel Castro. I am assuming that there will be a delay of many hours and most likely days, before the Cuban government actually releases the news of Castro’s death.

FUNERAL: The Havana Journal will also award $100 to the person that first predicts the day of the Fidel Castro funeral.

RULES: Only one entry of each of above per person. If tie, first post wins. All predictions must be for 2006. Contest ends December 31, 2006.

In order to make the contest entries easier to understand, please preface your predictions with DEATH: DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: and FUNERAL:

(No purchase necessary. Not valid where prohibited grin

Good luck.

Since the web address is pretty hard to remember, we pointed our CastroWatch.com domain name to this page. So, tell people to visit CastroWatch.com and they will land on this page.

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