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Posted July 06, 2004 by I-taoist in US Embargo

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New Bush policies play right into the hands of Castro while undermining his own re-election support in the Cuban-American community. 

George W. Bush’s new Cuba policy has been described by a top State Department diplomat as “the dumbest foreign policy on the face of the earth.” The underlying message of the tightened Cuban embargo and travel restrictions is “lets help starve them to death, deprive them of humanitarian aid from their families, and family visits, then they will suffer enough to overthrow Castro and embarace us.” What nonsense. Castro and his henchmen are far removed from the daily grind of Cuban life and Cuban’s have willingly endured the “special period” after the fall of the Soviet Union, with deprivations we cannot even imagine. Denying Cuban families soap, food, and medicine for their sick children only strengthens Castro and the communists. It does so by providing the communists the excuse they need for their miserable economic system, and shifting the blame for shortages onto us. Those most supportive of this misguided new policy have little or no perception of the reality on the island. Bush’s cruel new measures only further strengthen the “Comandante” and help keep him in power.
Like you and I Cubans are fiercely independent and will not tolerate any outsiders meddling in their internal affairs or dictating to them. Their soverignity is paramount in importance to them, next to their families. They have suffered, bled and died for their independence.  Just like you and I they demand the right to chart their own course, even down the dead-end-road of “collectivism” and “revolutionary socialism.”  The more we have threatened and intimidated and harassed them the more we have entrenched Castro. The greater our hostility and attempts at overthrow, the more strength we give the evil of communism on the island. When the castle is under siege from the outside, the rulers inside get stronger, not weaker. Forty years—- four decades of failed effect proves this point.
They say insanity is repeating the failed policies of the past, with increased vigor, in hopes of a different outcome. Our helping to create more suffering, hunger, disease and death in Cuba does nothing to aid the cause of liberty on the island.
The real irony is that Bush’s new callous and inhumane measures may well backfire. He has long pandered the extreme element in the Cuban-American community in south Florida who support these new measures, in hopes of retaining the support (82%) he enjoyed in the last election. His new measures have now proven so unpopular that many observers are seeing a strong backlash among Cuban-Americans, with support for John Kerry rising. If so it would be poetic justice indeed—- George Bush giving the Cuban-American extremists just enough rope to hang themselves, and undermining his own re-election in the process.
John Bomar

Dr. Bomar unexpectedly found himself in Cuba after signing on as crew to a Danish Schooner in Curasao in 1996. In Cuba he acted as interpreter for his shipmates and was there a total of six weeks.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on July 06, 2004 by MJD

    Dr Bomar has described the situation in Cuban with precision.George Bush has proven once again that ineptitude, insensitivity,pandering,arrogance, and a sprinkling of evangelical dementia in the name of ” freedom ” , drives his foreign policy.How embarrassing for the USA. Not to worry, Kerry and Edwards will win the election in the US in November and open up an affective dialogue with Castro’ hand picked transitional team in 05’. Kerry will end the embargo in exchange for certain business concessions allowing for a potential economic rebuilding of Cuba leading to the eventual retirement of Fidel Castro, and, an opportunity to save face in the International community…..a win / win scenario Bush doesn’t have enough neurons to comprehend much less understand what a positive change like that would mean to the US/ Latin/ Carribean community.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on July 09, 2004 by Lee

    Dr. Bomar spent six weeks in Cuba yet implies he “has perception on the realities of the island.” Since I just returned from studying in Cuba I too feel that I understand the realities of the island, but more so, the realities of Fidel. Although I agree that Bush’ policies in Cuba are as detramental to the people as this “evil communism” that pervades the country, I’m tired of people depicting Fidel as a ruthless tyrant. How many Cubans has Fidel executed? How many did our president execute during his governance in Texas? I met many unhappy Cubans during my visit, but it was rarely because of politics. Cubans want the same thing Americans want; money. The lack of money flowing through Cuba is the source of suffering, hunger, disease, and death. Until the United States lifts the embargo and allows economic restructuring in Cuba, Cubans will continue flowing into America and we will continue blaming Fidel and communism for driving immigrants to America. I hope the next time you are so quick to criticize Fidel for being detatched the daily grind of Cuban life, you aslo remember which leader fought along side his countrymen in the mountains, and which leader was excused from the Texas Air National Guard for not taking a drug test. I have a feeling Fidel enjoys a lesser gap in luxuries to the poorest Cubans than Bush Inc. and the lowest income level Americans.

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