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Posted February 11, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Human Rights

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Cuban opposition leaders Felix Bonne (L), Vladimiro Roca (C) and Rene Gomez Manzano

HAVANA : Cuban dissidents presented a plan they said is needed to keep the Communist society from coming apart at the seams.

“Mounting discontent could trigger a social explosion,” Todos Unidos coordinator Vladimiro Roca said at the presentation held at his home.

The banned coalition of dissident groups released its 15-page plan, “Proposal to Resolve Cuban Society’s Grave Problems,” based on interviews with 30,000 Cubans between December 2002 and August 2003.

“This program is not meant to cause a transition but urgent, necessary changes,” such as adequate food and housing, Roco said.

“Cuba’s top salaries are not enough to live on.” 

Roca is a former combat pilot and political prisoner. He accused President Fidel Castro’s government of, “with its implacable attitude, preventing the Cuban people from bettering their living standard.”

Roca asked Cubans to join the effort to bring change to the Caribbean island’s Communist government.

The plan touches on the economy, education, human rights and seeks the release of 300 jailed dissidents of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and Reconciliation.

“We would like all Cubans, within and without Cuba and even government officials, including Fidel Castro himself to participate in this discussion,” he said.

“We do not want anyone left out.”

The plan seeks higher wages, lower prices, depoliticization of teaching and free access to communication media owned by the state.

Roca is son of Cuban Communist Party founder Blas Roca and is attached to social democrats on the island.

“We will pass this material around, trying to reach the largest number of people possible so that they present it to their regional representatives,” of the National Assembly, he said.

Cuban Committee for Human Rights and Reconciliation President Elizardo Sanchez Santa Cruz, human rights lawyer Rene Gomez Manzano and Assembly for the Promition of Civil Society member Felix Bonne also attended.

Roca said Castro used a possible US invasion to justify “the current state of repression of the people and dissidents.”

In March, the government jailed 75 activists in what the group called “deplorable conditions.”

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  1. Follow up post #1 added on July 07, 2009 by carlos

    Un cambio en Cuba o transición en Cuba donde no este sobre la mesa la actualización de la ciudadanía Cubana por la de USA, sencillamente no es solución verdadera a la problemática Cubana.
    El problema de Cuba no se soluciona con un sistema capitalista siendo Cuba independiente de USA.
    El problema de cuba no se soluciona con que el exilio cubano mande en Cuba siendo Cuba independiente de USA.
    Sencillamente no se puede a estas alturas pensar en una Cuba en base de desigualdad, es decir millones de Cubanos con ciudadanía de USA y cubanos sin ciudadanía de USA y ni posibilidad de obtenerla.
    El cubano con ciudadanía de USA tiene movilidad, mientras que el cubano sin ciudadanía de USA no tiene movilidad.
    A estas alturas, movilidad no es movilidad dentro de la isla de Cuba solamente, movilidad es que el cubano pueda moverse, vivir y trabajar en cualquiera de los Estado de USA sin necesidad de papeleos.
    Sencillamente no se puede a estas alturas pensar en una Cuba en base de que no hay garantía de que otro vividor meta un golpe de estado en Cuba o se declare dictador por vida en Cuba. Solo un sistema como el que tiene Puerto Rico para Cuba puede garantizar que no existan más dictadores perpetuados en Cuba.
    En Dios confiamos.
    Simpatizante Cuba Estado Libre Asociado de USA.
    Carlos Burrowes

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