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Posted May 05, 2005 by I-taoist in Castro's Cuba

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Utopian idealism in pursuit of a classless world of affluent workers is the stuff of myth.  When government owns and controls almost all economic activity, as in Cuba, the real world grinds slowly into a quagmire of administrative and regulatory morass.  The economic engine becomes a rusty, creaky dinosaur barely able to stand on its own legs, much less adapt to the times.

Defenders of such a system conveniently overlook the perpetual prodding and poking of heavy-handed government into the personal lives of individuals. Inefficiency and corruption herald the methods of production and distribution of wealth.  As we saw in Russia, black marketeers and grafters come to dominate such a system.  Even well intentioned administrators are ultimately forced into this game if they are to remain minimally functional.  Black markets always thrive in an atmosphere of imposed economic dictates that run contrary to the basic instincts of humankind.  Despite the rhetoric and selfless idealism of those who support such “pie-in-the-sky” goals as total equality of wealth and an egletarian society, individuals with brains, cunning and cleverness will always garner a larger piece of the pie for themselves.  It is human nature.  In Orwell’s animal farm these were the pigs who ultimately deemed themselves “more equal than the others.” In the end all became their slaves. Even the highly touted educational and health benefits of the Cuban system are paid for by “that which is not permitted,” a list that would reach from Havana to Miami.  And remember, tyrants always give something back for their hold on tyranny. 

The sad truth is that Cuban socialism/communism does not work.  All one has to do is to view the rusting hulks of her former fishing fleet, perpetually tied up on decaying docks, to see this reality.  Or view sparse streets with little or no economic activity, or witness the desperate attempts to make enough pesos just to keep food on the table and body and soul together, where is the “worker’s paradise”  here? 

The regulatory overload of extreme socialism strangles individual incentive and frustrates invention, it inherently depresses productivity and is neurotic in its resistance and opposition to change.  In such a system only the “bosses” prosper to any degree.  They live in relative luxury, waited on hand and foot, enjoying five pound lobsters and best cuts of steak, while those who serve them are thin as rails, fighting over their leavings.  Such a system also leads to the sadly comical reality of hotel chamber maids making (with tips) ten times the monthly salary of neurosurgeons and Ph.D. biochemists. And, lest we forget, “step out of line and they come and take you away.”  Cuba is truly a place where up is down and hard work is rewarded with only more hard work.  Without the threatening U.S. opposition, such a system would blow away in the first hard wind of spring, as it did in Russia.  Or at least it would be forced into a major overhaul. 

Inside Cuba the “little emperors” are wearing no clothes, yet, largely because of present U.S. policies, the wind in the trees is the only one that can say so.

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  1. Follow up post #1 added on May 05, 2005 by abh with 244 total posts

    Where was this article found?

  2. Follow up post #2 added on May 05, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    More nauseating neo-con tripe from another sub-cretin moron (i.e., more of the same hyperbole and omission to advance bogus logic). Salary disparities exist but not to the extreme you portray. Cuba was forced to develop tourism to survive following the loss of Soviet subsidies coupled with the increase of US harassment (e.g., Torricelli Act and Helms-Burton Act)in the 1990’. The US inflicts untold economic hardship on a tiny nation and then attributes the resulting mayhem to inherent failings of the system. Cuba would enjoy tremendous prosperity if the US ceased its illegal and inhumane persecution. But the maggots in Miami know that any thawing of relations will jeopardize their chances of recovering assets and their self-interest drives US policy. 

  3. Follow up post #3 added on May 06, 2005 by congadude with 14 total posts

    I read this and wonder if the writer lives in a bubble?? Are you comparing this with the hollywood version of Capitalism?? When i visited Cuba last year I saw a country where REAL community exists, Real culture exists, the arts and music are alive and people are educated. It gave me such pleasure to see the shops empty of crap that just ends up as landfill.

    In Australia we are subject to the mcdonaldisation (see http://www.newamericancentury.org/) of a culture we are trying to develop but is constantly homogenised by the American blender. Community in the Anglo world rarely exists these days (how many people talk or visit their neighbour once a week??), education and health care is for the rich, arts and music either struggle to survive or the sony/mtv music machine swallows them up and spits out pulp. And as far as the fat cats are concerned, I reckon there’ more per capita in the west than in Cuba. Ever seen a yuppie @ a soup kitchen?? I think this is just another kneejerk reaction at a little country that America will never conquer, they’ll never get their playground back and are they pissed about it!!

  4. Follow up post #4 added on May 06, 2005 by yumaguy with 176 total posts

    Sorry guys. I tend to have leftist leanings myself. But unfortunately, exploitative capitalism is the best economic system humanity has invented so far, and that’ not saying much IMHO! wink And if I had to choose between Bush and Castro, I’ll have to take Dubya. . . unfortunately. Remember, there’ no democracy or political freedom in Cuba. You want to live in a police state? Here, we have the other extreme. Any idiot can put up a blog site and say whatever the heck they want with almost no consequence. Heck, this site wouldn’t be able to exist in Cuba without specific govt. approval and “supervision.”

  5. Follow up post #5 added on May 06, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    johnjames: as I said in our “discussion” before Cuba would NOT enjoy tremendous prosperity if the US lifted its embargo because of the inherent inefficiencies in a centrally planned and controlled economy. You say yourself that Cuba was forced to develop tourism to survive without the prop of Soviet subsidies. Any why can tourists afford to travel to Cuba from mainly Europe and Canada? Because they live in capitalist economies of course!

    congadude: you try living in Cuba on $15 per month and you’ll soon change your tune!

  6. Follow up post #6 added on May 06, 2005 by I-taoist with 213 total posts

    The Cuba I tasted is the one I report.  Name calling and invective aside, the advantage I had was in speaking Spanish and being open minded in my unexpected voyage to the island.  With no pre-conceptions of Cuba, having given Castro and Cuba little forethought, I simply observed, visited and talked with all whom I encountered.  I lived with working Cubans on a barracks boat for two weeks, sharing their food, talk and a bunk on board.  My impressions reported here are fruit of those and other conversations.

    I am no defender of U.S. policy.  In fact, I vehemently oppose the embargo and travel restrictions and the hard line Mr. Bush has taken.  His policies have only helped strengthen and perpetuate the communists, in my opinion.  His policies have also created much more suffering on the island, separating families and depriving many of the sustaining help from their relatives in the U.S..  By my observation, those “most assured” about the rightness of this policy have never even trod the shores of Cuba, or it was so long ago that they have no real connection to life there now.  Two pits of darkness, hatred, paranoia, animosity and fear do not light make.

    Beyond all this, my allegiance lies first and foremost with my wonderful, sincere and warm friends in Cuba.  The ones still there now, suffering.  They were the ones who spoke frankly and openly with me. And often, their gestures spoke louder than their words, a by-product of the police state. They were the ones who spoke of salaries that did not provide “even enough for rice on the table for my family.”  They were the ones thin as rails, wearing hand-me-down clothes, without even enough soap to wash their bodies.  They were the ones living in the non-sensical world of extreme socialism.  And finally, they were the ones longing desparately for an opportunity to better their lives simply through their own incentive. 

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  7. Follow up post #7 added on May 06, 2005 by Maceo with 12 total posts

    Just look at the chaos, misery, illiteracy, violence, exploitation and examples of extreme poverty alongside opulent wealth within surrounding capitalist economy islands.

    Are you really arguing that Cuba should adopt the system that has brought such chaos to sister countries?  Do you really believe that privatising Cubaís current universal and free at point of access public services would improve peopleís lives?

    I share your sentiments and good wishes with regard to the Cuban people, having lived and worked on the island for rather longer than two weeks and having family who remain there today.

    Itís precisely for that reason that, the same as them, I support and defend the gains of the revolution.

  8. Follow up post #8 added on May 06, 2005 by yumaguy with 176 total posts

    C’mon guys. Put your money where your mouth is. Would YOU like to live and work in Cuba AS IT IS today. And don’t give me “but the embargo. . .”  grin

    Look, if you have leftist leanings, I think you’re better with sticking with the Scandinavian countries or Canada as good examples of welfare states or countries that are prosperous while implementing some socialist policies. But they’re all democracies. And notice how all these countries are way up north where it’ cold. . .  wink

    Move things down to the Tropic of Cancer (Havana is about 25 miles south of that line) and it’ a whole other story. Cuba’ socialism is a joke! It never worked! Even in the “glory days” of the years right after the revolution. Inefficiency after inefficiency, all kinds of production problems, unmotivated people, etc.

    Yeah, it’ depressing to think that the only other choice is capitalism which is great. . . for countries that are already prosperous. Third-world countries just end up being exploited by their richer cousins. No doubt there’ going to be a world of hurt when Cuba inevitably transfers back to a more capitalist type of “banana republic.” And it’ got to happen because there’ no chance Cuba can sustain it’ socialism in perpetuity being so damn close to the U.S. !

  9. Follow up post #9 added on May 07, 2005 by I-taoist with 213 total posts

    I believe the ideal we should all hope and pray for in Cuba is to balance the benefits of collectivism, such as universal medical care and good schools for all, adequate social security in old age, restrictions on exploitative labor practices and unfettered capitalism that marginalizes the majority of people, and democratic republicanism with free enterprise.  Such a balance would be a more likely outcome with the U.S. bowing out of internal Cuban affairs. The hostile and bellicose atmosphere and that now characterizes our approach to Cuba only gives strength to the dark forces in Cuba.  I believe most reasoned men and women would agree; there has been enough evil on both sides of this emotion filled divide to go around.  To these extremists, I say, a pox on both your houses. 

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  10. Follow up post #10 added on May 08, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    Que se calle la gran pendeja yuma quien se atreve llamarse “Cubana.” Que insulto más repugnante. Su falta de idioma mas las idioteces asquerosas apesten al foro. La pendeja hace solo un viaje a la isla y se cree experta. Solo repite frases fascistas bien usadas e ilûgicas. Cuba se insulû a partir del ano 1960 para protegerse de la agresiûn de EE.UU. Y tal gesto de sobreviviencia fue posible por el amparo de la Uniûn SoviÈtica. Cuando tal apoyo se esfumû, el turismo ofreciû la salida más factible de la crisis.  Y de allí se naciû el problema de las dos economías: la del peso y la del dûlar. Los idiotas en este foro siguen insistiendo que las causas de la crisis son internas cuando en realidad son productos de la política de EE.UU.  Y cuando los mismos cretinos cantan la maravilla del capitalismo, lo hacen sin poder explicar la miseria en toda AmÈrica Latina a pesar del mercado libre.  El capitalismo no sirve en países chicos sub-desarrollados porque la clase dominante parasita, traidora explota al pueblo y vende el tesoro del país por centavos a los extranjeros. Los gusanos se ponen aun más ricos y el pueblo se hunde aun más en el desespero. Que se pudra esa ramera barata “Cubana” y los demás neo-Nazis quienes pretenden saber algo de la realidad cubana.

  11. Follow up post #11 added on May 09, 2005 by cajio with 26 total posts

    JohnJames or “JuanJaime” sufro contigo, porque ser cubano en Cuba es mierda. Espero que este viviendo en Cuba, sino todo lo que escribes es mierda. Si vives en Cuba solo siento “pity for you” porque en Cuba, el cubano ademas de ser mierda, no vale ni mierda,....Hey, si escribir te hace poderoso ..“good for you” por lo menos tienes algo que te hace sentir bien.   

  12. Follow up post #12 added on May 09, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    Cajio: al contrario, es Ud. quien inspira piedad. No habla español o ingles bien. Es decir, habla Ud. como un atrasado. Por lo menos, el pueblo cubano tiene el juevo desafiar al monstruo del norte mientras Ud. lame las botes de su patrûn blanco. El orgullo y la honra alimentan mas que los centavitos que Ud. gane restregando piso de baño público de rodillas. Es decir, el cubano en Cuba vale mil veces más que un bulto de mierda con patas como Ud. Que se joda cabrûn.

  13. Follow up post #13 added on May 09, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    John James: nice to see you can be just as abusive in Spanish as well as English!!!! I won’t bother to repeat any of our previous “discussion” except to say, yet again, that if a person lowers themself to personal abuse they have LOST the argument. Any argument that you put forward in favour of the Castro dictatorship should stand up on its own merits - but of course it cannot.

    PS You may not be aware that yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Europe from the real Nazis. Since then the people of Western Europe (and since 1989 those in the East) have lived in freedom. I hope it will not be long before the Cuban people have the same freedom.

  14. Follow up post #14 added on May 09, 2005 by yumaguy with 176 total posts

    Not the best analogy Mr. Cubana. The origin of why Cuban politics is so crazy has to do with the deep sense of resentment of first being so closely controlled by Spanish interests (el tiempo de la colonia), and then by U.S. interests (la república Platista they call it, referring to the Platt amendment).

    Better example would be Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe. Many of the people of Zimbabwe openly say to the foreign press now they were better off when they lived under white leadership. Cuba’ not as bad as African third-world or it’ close neighbor Haiti yet, but it’ getting there. Maybe they need a few more years of infrastructure decay. . . In any case, I’m getting tired of reminding people that Cuban history didn’t start in 1959! grin

    And BTW, not all Western Europe was freed after WWII. Spain’ caudillo dictator Franco didn’t die till the mid-70’. . .  wink

  15. Follow up post #15 added on May 09, 2005 by Maceo with 12 total posts

    Robledo - But surely the economic situation is improving year on year in Cuba?  A 5% growth in the economy was reported last year. 

    I don’t think anyone would argue that things are as bad econoically now, following the development of tourism, as in the early 90s following the collapse of the USSR.

    How does this remarkable and continual economic improvement tie in with your ‘few more years of economic decay’ theory?

  16. Follow up post #16 added on May 09, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    Mr Robledo - you are quite right, I had overlooked Spain (and Portugal). Unfortunately, if their history is any guide then Cubans will have to wait until the death of Fidel for freedom to have any chance of arriving.

    PS not quite clear what analogy you are referring to in my post!

  17. Follow up post #17 added on May 09, 2005 by yumaguy with 176 total posts

    Ummmm, I would take the stats of the Cuban govt. with a grain of salt. grin

    Have you been to Cuba recently? You DO know about the power issues, water issues, food issues, et al. The Cuban govt. has to make many touch choices in order to stay afloat, including future even better economic development. . . how can a country do business if it can’t even produce the juice to stay on?? Would you like to live on the monthly food rations and $20 a month?

    Sure, Cuba has tons of doctors but many of them, especially the best ones, are exported so Fidel can collect favors and goodwill from some of his neighbors. Again, it’ like amputating a body part to stop the infection.

    Look, I dream every day of somehow getting out of the corporate treadmill and the capitalist BS I have to deal with. But I certainly wouldn’t want to end up on a socialist treadmill in the process. . .  wink

  18. Follow up post #18 added on May 09, 2005 by yumaguy with 176 total posts

    Cubana, I thought you were comparing the current Cuban regime to Nazi occupation (of France or whatever).

    Like I said, that doesn’t really apply because I believe the ‘59 Revolution came about (IMHO of course) at least in part as an overreaction to U.S. dominance in Cuban affairs as well as the strong leftist movement throughtout Latin-America in those years, that resented the side effects of U.S. economic colonialism. Different situation compared with Europe in the WWII years.

    Of course, a dicatorship is not a solution to these problems but that’ why I call it an overreaction. In any case, I just wanted to bust your chops. wink

  19. Follow up post #19 added on May 09, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    Mr Robledo: No not at all - I was simply referring to John James’ reference to me as a Nazi or neo-Nazi here and in previous postings!

  20. Follow up post #20 added on May 09, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    Brit-Bitch (aka Cubana), you lack the cerebral wherewithal to engage in meaningful cognitive dissidence given your pathetic lack of formal education. Your profound stupidity is demonstrated by such statements as “Castro is a stupid old man” and “China is communist in name only.”  Fidel is alot of things but stupid is not one of them. Any individual who is capable of playing the world’ two superpowers off one another to ensure his survival is not stupid. China has allowed certain free-market mechanisms to gain economic parity with the US, but it is not a capitalist system. All social, economic and political decisions are made by the central leadership of the Communist Party. The budding bourgeois class will be annihilated once the ad hoc goals of the Communist Party have been achieved.

    Again, it is your ignorant opinion that invective equates to loss of argument.  If you possessed brains in excess of a baseball, you would understand that excoriation is not only justified but obligatory when dealing with morally bankrupt scum like yourself. You share the heinous status of KKK members, Nazis, pedophiles, etc. in that you advocate the return of legal slavery under the bogus guise of “freedom and democracy” in Cuba. You lack knowledge of Cuban history and the phenomenal harm the US has inflicted on Cuba since the 1800’ such that your analysis is limited to neo-con psycho-babble heard on Fox News the night before probably from the likes of Ann Coulter, the neo-Nazi poster child.

  21. Follow up post #21 added on May 09, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    Part II
    Inclusion in the global economy leads to US hegemony which in turn produces misery and poverty for the masses in small, undeveloped countries. Vile swine like yourself envision the McDonaldization of Cuba, the Disneyfication of Cuba, the Cancunization of Cuba, the Miamification of Cuba, etc. You espouse all the vile accoutrements of capitalism while ignoring the pristine beauty of a preserved culture, untainted by the mean-spirited greed and baseness of bourgeois values not to mention all the fun-stuff like drugs, violence, and overall cultural insanity.

    The US loves representative (not participatory) democracy in small, underdeveloped nations because it can buy the election and control the hapless nation’ destiny to the extreme detriment of the people. Some moron in this forum stated the need to balance guns and butter in post-Castro Cuba. The underlying charter of socialism is to provide the greatest good to the greatest number. In contrast, the goal of capitalism is the massive and rapid transfer of wealth from the masses to the small, power elite who collude with foreign interests to preserve wealth and privilege. 

    You need to study the history of US-Cuba relations. More importantly, you need to live and work in Latin America for several years and witness first-hand how capitalism and the free-market have produced nauseating poverty and despair. Any reversion to the old model in Cuba will undoubtedly produce the typical Third World paradigm of private affluence and public squalor.

  22. Follow up post #22 added on May 10, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    John James: yet another (any lengthy) rant - you could almost be Fidel himself!

    “Any individual who is capable of playing the world’ two superpowers off one another to ensure his survival is not stupid.”

    Exactly - the operative words there are HIS SURVIVAL. That is all Fidel is concerned about. He does not care about the poverty most of his countrymen have to live with, the lack of hope engendered by his economic policies, the repression that is necessary to keep his government in power. That is why he is stupid.

    “The pristine beauty of a preserved culture”

    i.e frozen in time, like the 1950’ cars seen on so many Cuban streets. Nice for the tourists, not so for the owners who have to try and keep them going.

    I could go on but I have a job here in the nasty capitalist UK that I do to feed and clothe my Cuban wife and Cuban-British children.

    Pip! pip!

  23. Follow up post #23 added on May 10, 2005 by I-taoist with 213 total posts

    My six weeks in Cuba gave me mostly contact with regular folks.  In only a few exceptional encounters did I get to meet the bosses.  There was one in particular, “un hijo de Fidel,” by his own description, that proved most interesting in his alcoholic state.  This top security man, down from Havana visiting Cayo Largo, accompanying the “inspectors” who dined on the finest lobsters and steaks in the state-owned restaurant, was a rare find indeed.  My innocent provocation describing the gratitude of the local workers for the availability of dollar tips launched him into a tirade on the benefits of “la revolucion.” Local folks and restaurant workers scattered like chickens escaping a rabid dog as his voice raised to fever pitch.  His sense of complete and total power exploded onto his red face as he hollered and belched his bellicose defense of communism.  If memory serves me correctly, in describing those with opinions other than his own, he used words very similiar to “repugnant, idiot, fascist, neo-nazi, scum, cretin and parasite.”

  24. Follow up post #24 added on May 10, 2005 by Maceo with 12 total posts

    Cubana - If Fidel ‘doesn’t care’ about the Cuban people but only about himself as you suggest, why would a large part of the additional income earned last year from a record number of tourists etc be spent on doubling the minimum wage and minimum pension?

    Why not spend it on a motor yacht or put it in a Swiss bank account instead? 

    Of course this same argument about Castro has long been a fundamental part of the case of ‘el exilio’ - the revolution betrayed and all that.

    The merits of such an argument are easily disproved by simply looking back at Cuba’ history since 1959.

    I-Taoist - I’m sure you wouldn’t pretend to have evaluated and understood Cuba and its people in a six week holiday!  Yes there are people who abuse their petty positions of power in Cuba and everywhere else in the world. 

    Recounting one such individual example and using it to condemn the whole is pretty pointless!

  25. Follow up post #25 added on May 10, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    Maceo - if Fidel really cared about the Cuban people he would years ago have allowed the Cuban people to choose their own government and their own political and economic system rather than the dictatorship they have at present. But then of course he would lose power. THAT shows you how much he cares.

    And as any mathematician will tell you doubling not very much will still leave you with not very much.

  26. Follow up post #26 added on May 10, 2005 by yumaguy with 176 total posts

    Like I said, if you have leftist views, you’re better off using nations such as Canada and the Scandinavian countries as worthy examples lest you end up making an ass of yourself. But those are, of course, socialist democracies in the colder climes of the world. It’ still questionable to what extent socialist economic policies can work in a subtropical island in the Caribbean located right in the backyard of the largest capitalist power the world has ever known. . .

    I just feel sorry for the little guy who doesn’t really care anymore about the “polÈmica” and is getting squished in the middle. Of course, the government exploits these people but the U.S. embargo backfires in the sense that it forces a government with no accountability to squeeze its people EVEN MORE in order to stay afloat. But talking about this has become pointless for me. WE ALL KNOW what’ the first thing that has to happen before this country can begin a new chapter in its very long and sad history. . .  wink

  27. Follow up post #27 added on May 10, 2005 by cajio with 26 total posts

    “johnjames”:Your contradictions are so many one hardly knows where to begin. You see many facts but it is difficult to see how they point out the path you follow to your fantastic conclusions.
    What is most revealing is that one sees such blind loyalty only from a writer unable to look at circumstances objectively. The only conclusion one who reads your flaming propaganda can come to is that you are an intellectual neophyte incapable yet of independent though. Your respect for your teacher is touching but must learn to see through your own eyes.
    The facts you use are valid. Perhaps you will one day see clearly where they can lead when you learn to look at them without wearing those ideological glasses that distort your vision.

  28. Follow up post #28 added on May 10, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    I recommend forumites read Castro’ speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations in September, 1960. Fidel entitled his speech “The Problem with Cuba.” The key global issues he discussed then are equally pertinent today.

    Cajio, you are genuinely retarded with your meandering verbal vomit. Name two contradictions. You are part of that slime-ball class of people who yearn for the good ole’ days in Cuba where electricity, schools and medical care in El Oriente were non-existent and folks actually died of starvation, all with the full knowledge and blessing of the Cuban government who were repugnant US lackeys. Unfortunately, a great number of those scum bags still contaminate the air on Calle Ocho. Let’ also not forget that Cuba was “el burdel de los Yanqis” with over 200 flights a day between the US and Cuba prior to the Revolution. The gains of the Revolution far outweigh the negatives. In 1963, President Kennedy expressed the urgent need to counter the “good example of Cuba.” But more importantly, Cuba can draw pride from the fact that it is the only nation with the exception of Vietnam to withstand the wrath of the US, that vile cesspool of lies and hypocrisy.

    Jose Marti said it best when in his last letter dated May 18, 1895, one day before being killed in battle, he writes that it is his duty “to prevent, by the independence of Cuba, the United States from spreading over the West Indies and falling, with that added weight, upon other lands of our America. All I have done up to now, and shall do hereafter, is to that end… I have lived inside the monster and know its insides.”

    Cubana: Your signature specious logic underscores fact you are borderline retarded. By the way, are you trans-gender?  Cubana refers to female and cubano refers to male. Don’t British schools teach gender agreement or is your command of Spanish absolutely zero despite wife being native Spanish speaker? Your militant advocacy of ignorance and stupidity inspires gaping, open-mouth astonishment. Castro is not stupid. His Revolution, his ideals, and his vision persist. He has won and the US along with that garbage-pail of maggots in Miami have lost. The ag lobby in Washington has gained greater influence than the Cuban diaspora such that a prosperous socialist state in the backyard of the US is inevitable, barring of course another heinous war crime by that steaming pile of rat feces currently fouling the White House.

  29. Follow up post #29 added on May 11, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    John James: Thank you for your unneeded Spanish grammer lesson! I use the by-line Cubana in honour of my wife who knows the reality of living under the Castro dictatorship. And using the words prosperous and socialist state in the same sentence is quite laughable. Never in human history has there been such a thing and Cuba will not be the first!

  30. Follow up post #30 added on May 11, 2005 by cajio with 26 total posts

    JohnJames”…Contradictions?  Compare these two sentences: 1) - “Cuba would enjoy tremendous prosperity if the US ceased its illegal and inhume persecution.”  2) - China has allowed certain free-market mechanisms to gain economic purity with the USA.”
    If it is your position that government planning will yield “tremendous prosperity” why would you say “certain free-market mechanism” have allowed economic growth in China? This is a contradiction. Your use of the word “allowed” also calls for attention. It suggests that something was standing in the way of economic growth doesnít it?  That something may not be the goals of socialism, but it certainly is the bureaucracy that results from the over regulation of a planned economy.
    In your description of the central leadership of Chinaís Communist Party you expose the most common contradiction that is socialism as practiced.  The goal of the Party is power not prosperity for the people. You say so yourself when you say “the budding bourgeois class will be annihilated once the adhoc goals of the Communist Party have been achieved”.  That the goals of socialism have been perverted by blind party apologist like you was exposed 25 years ago when the Polish workers demanded not economic parity but basic political participation in the government that claimed to exist for the goal of the workers.
    Your further expose the contradictions of your position by accusing others of advocating “the return of legal slavery”. Yes, there are losers in a market driven economy. But where is the freedom in a one-party state that only allows the blind to be party members? The failures of the market system are not the point here. The point is your failure to see that the Communist Party has lost its way.


  31. Follow up post #31 added on May 11, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    Cajio: Your tortured logic is beyond painful. First of all, it’ economic “parity”, not “purity”. China does not want a society driven by the capitalist dynamics of greed and exploitation. However, it has harnessed certain free-market mechanisms in key sectors of the economy on an ad hoc basis to achieve its goal of surpassing the US as the dominant global force. Once China has obtained superior stature vis-a-vis the US, the bourgeois class will be replaced by some bureaucratic entity. We are not witnessing some great metamorphosis. Mao is still revered in Beijing.

    Cuba similarly utilized free-market mechanisms in the early 1990’ (albeit to much lesser degree) to survive the crisis following collapse of Soviet Union. Specifically, Cuba legalized the possession of US dollars, joint ventures with foreign interests (51%/49%) and also legalized 117 private jobs (“cuentapropistas”). The initiatives relieved pressure on the state to provide jobs and also generated much needed foreign exchange. However, the ad hoc gestures were implemented to achieve specific ends and did not signal the demise of socialist principles. The same applies to China. Notwithstanding Cubana’ moronic prattle, China is an extremely prosperous communist state and it will become increasingly prosperous as the capitalist nations around the globe feed and nurture their natural enemy. China is fulfilling Lenin’ prophecy: “The capitalists will sell us the rope we hang them with.”  The pathological pursuit of profit sows the seeds of self-destruction. The scenario bears the patina of a Greek tragedy rife with hubris. All the while, morons like Cajio and Cubana sing the praises of a morally bankrupt and doomed system.

  32. Follow up post #32 added on May 11, 2005 by cajio with 26 total posts

    Muy bonito “JuanJaime”, la verdad es que no eres “tan” imbÈcil como pensaba, ya puedes ir a cobrar los 100 pesos,….perdûn, el barbudo le duplicû el salario a su gente….....

    200 pesos…Ja,JA,Ja..) 


  33. Follow up post #33 added on September 23, 2005 by Hatuey with 6 total posts

    El que ama el Mayoral y su reino de casi 5 decadas son escatofagos. Juan Santiago eres un escatofago.

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