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Posted November 19, 2009 by publisher in Oswaldo Paya

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The Cuban government has used the following repressive resources against citizens who support the Varela Project legal initiative and its organizers:

The State Security sends agents to the homes of citizens who have signed the Varela Project, officers then pose as Varela Project activists to mislead and confuse supporters.

Through letters with falsified signatures, the State Security has offered money to those that have signed the Varela Project and requests that they go to the Project Coordinator’s home to receive this money.

Some of the signatories have been expelled from their work and from the university.

Systematic and bothersome persecution in all social fields and in all aspects of the lives of many citizens who signed the Varela Project.

Interception and confiscation of the ballots with names and signatures.

Theft of ballots and lists with information about the signatories, through raids and illegal or clandestine entry into the homes of organizers.

Infiltration by agents who submit to organizers ballots with false signatures and information, or real information that does not correspond to a person who signed, as a trap to be able to attribute the falsifications to the organizers. It is scandalous that the government and its repressive forces are the ones that insist on making illegal what we have carried out cleanly, legally and transparently.

Detention or kidnapping in plain view on the street of organizers that are threatened, offended, and abandoned in inhospitable areas far away from towns and cities.

Interception and interruption of telephones and correspondence, and families are constantly harassed with threatening calls day and night.

Detention, incarceration on false charges, and conviction in summary and false trials.

Constant surveillance, persecution and harassment of organizers and their defenseless families.

Acts of repudiation and painted billboards on the organizer’s homes and their surroundings.

Interference by State Security in all workplaces, study centers, hospitals, religious communities, neighbors and all other types of relationships with organizers in order to threaten, impose exclusion, and make a permanently difficult life for these organizers and for many signatories.

Sending of instigators and attacks against homes.

Falsified explanations and the circulation of slanderous documents about the content of the Varela Project and its organizers in universities, schools, and Communist Party meetings, but they have never allowed these listeners to learn the real text of the Project.

Many opposition members from different groups and citizens, who do not belong to dissident organizations, support the principals of the Cuban Forum which is a working system to ensure that the Cubans themselves are the protagonists of change through the participation in peaceful civic initiatives. The Varela Project is a concrete expression of this mobilization and is already underway.

Coordinating Council of the Christian Liberation Movement
Havana , Cuba , November 16, 2009
More information at OswaldoPaya.org

Contact International Representatives, Christian Liberation Movement for more information

Francisco De Armas .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Julio Hernandez .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 
Carlos Payá .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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