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Posted December 05, 2004 by publisher in Castro's Cuba

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Cuba is scheduled to hold military exercises nationwide in mid-December as part of its All-people’s War policy to test the country’s reaction to foreign aggressions, said a communique of the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces on Thursday.

The exercises, named “Bastion 2004 Strategic Drill” and scheduled for Dec. 13-19, are expected to test the reaction capabilities of the army and the society as well as the latter’s cooperation with the former, said the communique.

Since Washington maintains a hostile policy towards Cuba and USPresident George W. Bush seems to continue the policy in his second term, it is necessary for Cuba “to continue promoting and perfecting the defense preparations as part of an All-people’s War,” said the communique.

The Caribbean country pursues an All-people’s War policy that every Cuban is required to have the ability and means to fight enemies should the country be invaded or even occupied by foreign enemies.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on December 05, 2004 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    Being prepared is always best and with what’ been going on lately one can only wonder if an altercation between Cuba and the US is on the rise?

    If the US was to invade Cuba and cause the death of thousands of innocent Cubans, I wonder how the Cubans who have supported harder restrictions against Cuba will feel?

    What would they think about that possibility?

    For those who still have family in Cuba,I wonder how they like the idea of a bomb falling on their familys home?

    I know I would be very and I do mean very pissed off if an invasion was to happen that threatened my Cuban families well being,they would have two battles to fight,in Cuba and in the US.

    If an invasion was to happen every Cuban can thank the hard liners/Cuban mafia of Miami for it, it is because of their tireless efforts to push the white house even harder that such a thing would happen.

    Then they would have to ask themselves,why did we push so hard for such a thing to happen?

    They must realise Cubans like the Balart family will NEVER be welcomed back to Cuba!

  2. Follow up post #2 added on December 07, 2004 by chuck

    Cuba’ so-called “All-People’ War” sounds like Hiter’ Volksturm organized in the last days of World War II.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on December 07, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    I do not understand why a leader like castro would expect his people to train to die, with the exception that he has always put himself first. of the eight billion dollars in financial help the u.s. gave russia for economic support yearly, russia gave cuba 2 billion. that went to his(castro’) families with little or none for his people. cuba was a thriving metropolis in the 50’ pre castro. his efforts have hindered the countries economic situtation for 50 years. many of my good friends are from cuba and fear daily for their families there. oppression is castros only tool for power. if you speak, you die or are stashed away in jails, leaving your families as outcasts. i believe that any leader would be better in office. his efforts have been for his own agenda. his economic views are from the past. he allows cuba’ lands to be sold to europeans with no regard for the poor and homeless in his own country. do not misunderstand me. bush’ policies are wrong. war with a country full of such wonderful people is wrong. cubas people deserve better, from both leaders.

  4. Follow up post #4 added on December 07, 2004 by YoungCuban

    Homeless? There isnt any homless in Cuba,that is just the kind of crap Cubans who left years ago like to say!

    They like to degrade their own country on a constant basis,I know many from Peru,Nicaragua,Honduras etc. that would not dare degrade their own contry in the manner Cubans do no matter how bad their country is!

    Let me tell you having been to 22 countries I must say in all honesty that Cuba is light years ahead of many of the countries I have visited!

    Think Cubans are poor in Cuba?

    Think they dont have anything?

    Try going to Peru where entire families live under pieces of wood,with no light,running water,with nothing at all!

    They do not even have a ration system in place, they must find food,and know where they find food?

    From garbage cans, and even worse I have seen them eat their own feces!

    I have witnessed children literally die of starvation or illness from drinking contaminated waters and that is something you will NEVER find in Cuba!

    So the next time you want to talk down on Cuba think of what I just said above,or better yet,shut the hell up,if you have nothing good to say,dont say a damn thing!

  5. Follow up post #5 added on December 08, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    you seem to be the only person we hear comments from. dont take it so pesonally. if all you read was homelessness, you missed the point. BOTH leaders, bush and castro, should rethink their agendas. you also are not the only person well traveled. i have seen the hate in countries from haiti to russia to palistine to cuba, yes cuba. your people are wonderful, the ones i know have strong family values, and support their families in cuba. i have met 100’, yes 100’ that have come to the u.s.. most of them disagree with you. the difference is here they can voice their opinion with out worring about repercussions to them or their families. you have underground news stations and live web feeds that dissagree with you, that show us the real cuba. you can say what you want, but i have studied your history. and i have been to your country. if you look down on the cubans who speak their minds, then you have taken away from your own countries integrity. as far as shuting the hell up, i said nothing wrong. you should read whole articals and not just the parts you want to. i am guessing you are not even old enough to remember what your country was like pre castro.

  6. Follow up post #6 added on December 08, 2004 by YoungCuban

    First off I was American born,secondly I know thousands of Cuban families,not hundreds,and while many may not openly express certain issues about Cuba before Castro,they all agree that before Castro education was horrible,many have told me that beofre Castro was the era of “no shoes” as they put it,of homelessness,of starvation etc…

    I for one had an uncle shot and killed by Batista for simply asking him why he treated his countrymen the way he did,if you didnt know the man would call his people rats and peasants,something Castro has never done.

    And if you didnt know Cuba has always been a country under dictatorship,Castro isnt the first Cuban dictator.

    I agree with you that both countries have to stop acting out against each other and begin working together for the self betterment of everyone in Cuba.

    But I get erked at the fact that Cubans who leave Cuba have done nothing but put a verbal stain on it’ country,that is why Cubans are known as “Habla Mierdas”/Shit Talkers….

    I would never say anything bad about my country that would help make it look no better then dirt,no matter how bad the situation is in my country,we should stand behind our countries for good or bad and be proud of where we came from,not degrade our own.

    I deal with over 18,000 Cuban Americans,many who came from Cuba 40 years ago,and most if not all,have told me in confidence that they rather have a Castro Cuba, before a Batista Cuba.

    People speak of Cubans in Cuba of being scared to express themselves openly,yet I have encountered the same here in Miami,they are scared to admit that Castro hasnt been completely bad for Cuba out of fear,whats the difference?

    Honestly if I was Fidel I would give every Cuban the right of free speech,but even that will not change the situation because he will still rule,so it would be best to not even speak his name if you fear the consequences.

    The freedom of speech in Cuba idea is laughable,because even if you were to say whatever you wanted,it wouldnt matter,he will still hold power.


  7. Follow up post #7 added on December 08, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    power. i always thought that was for the people, not the person.  i have just one question for you young cuban, if you believe in your cuba so strongly, why do you live in miami? the money, the cars, the jobs? or is it that one little thing we call freedom. i am sure of one thing, all the cubans who risked their lives crossing the ocean to get here would be glad to get you a ticket back.

  8. Follow up post #8 added on December 08, 2004 by YoungCuban

    Funny you mention those who risked their lives to get here.

    Did you know that 80% of those who risked their lives by way of raft have criminal records in Cuba?

    Bet you didnt know that.

    I guess it’ safe to say that they left Cuba for other reasons that had nothing to do with freedom?

    Read my first paragraph,it says I was bornb American so when you speak of my country you are speaking of the U.S.,difference between you and I is that I am not easily fooled by the evils that are found in our own land.

    Even in bad some good can be found,Fidel has done a lot of bad,yes,but at the same time has done some good,has ne not?

  9. Follow up post #9 added on December 08, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    yes he has done some good. and i did know they say 80% have criminal records, but that info comes from castro himself.  i did read you were born in america. there is very little difference in us. i am not easily fooled. i question my governments actions daily and that is my right and duty as a american. the government works for us, not the other way around.i know of the homelessness in america and the lack of things done about it. i see the hate, the hungry, the poor, and the rich getting richer. i see people everyday in those situations. i also was sitting on my grandfathers lap and watching castro planted nuclear weapons in cuba in the 50’. you are lucky miami is still there. you are right about cuba being better off than it was before castro, but to what end. dont forget if you find it so much better there, why are you not there yourself, dont avoid the question.

  10. Follow up post #10 added on December 08, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    i have one more short question, you call yourself young cuban, yet born in america?

  11. Follow up post #11 added on December 08, 2004 by YoungCuban

    I call myself Young Cuban because I am the head of the YUCA movement which stands for Young Urban Cuban AMERICANS.

    Someone had already registered using YUCA…lol

    And may I add one is what your roots are,not what a piece of paper tells you you are,my blood flows 100% Cuban,how about yours? Perhaps a little German,Irish or French?

    Get my madness?

  12. Follow up post #12 added on December 08, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    french canaidien, american indian, with a little english and german somewhere. my family has been in this region of the planet since the late 1700’. i admire your passion for your cause. just to let you know, i have few friends, the best ones are from cuba and feel as you do. it may sound strange, but i have no preconcieved notion of bloodline. my beliefs are planetary. i work daily to make my life and the lifes around me better, with no reguard for race or belief. i find war to be a product of governments who seek contracts for personnal and monitary gain. someday the planet will be one, but probibly not in our lifetime. i thankyou for answering my questions and conversing with me. i wish you the best in bringing your people together as one. that in itself is the first step.

  13. Follow up post #13 added on December 08, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    after spending the day working and thinking about your movement, i have a question. what if cuba was to become the 51st state of the united states. do you belive this would be pro or con? once again, i must say i support your cause, family is all we all have. there has to be a better way than the bush way.

  14. Follow up post #14 added on December 08, 2004 by YoungCuban

    IF,Cubans had the right to vote freely to become the 51st US state,it would NEVER happen.

    Way before Castro,other dictators ruled,so being told what you can and cannot do is nothing new to Cuba or Cubans,and they have accepted it for over 100 years now,with the simple reasoning of not ever bowing down to other nations.

    I highly doubt Cuba would ever become a state not even a common wealth island like Puerto Rico,Cubans are very proud people,you can knock them down for their mistakes,but you cannot kill their culture or history,they will fight back to preserve their roots,no American history books would ever replace Cuban history in Cuba as it has happend in PR.

    The Cuban way of thinking was set in stone way beofre Castro even thought of getting into politics,Castro just preaches it on a more constant basis then the former Cuban leaders did.

    Yes,something has to be done about the situation in Cuba,perhaps Fidel is to blame for many problems,but the US has to also admit their failures before any peaceful changes can be made.

    I have interviewed thousands of Cubans in the US and in Cuba,in fact I am working on a documentary right now as we speak,and I can tell you,even those here who left Cuba support some of the things Castro has done for Cuba,they just dont say it out loud nor in public out of fear,the same fear people speak of that is in Cuba when it comes to free speech.

  15. Follow up post #15 added on December 08, 2004 by friend of many cubans in u.s.

    thanks. you said what i wanted to hear. pride, history, family. nothhing else matters. i wish more americans felt thet way.

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