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Posted September 10, 2007 by publisher in Oswaldo Paya

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The latest documentary by RICHTER SCALE MEDIA L.L.C.*, CUBA LIBRE: EL MAYOR DESEO, chronicles the struggle of a nation and its people as Cuba strives for freedom in the face of adversity, oppression, and poverty.

Nearly five decades after the revolution, Cuba remains frozen in time. As foreign tourists enjoy the island’s beaches, music, tobacco, and rum, another Cuba—the real Cuba—lives outside the resorts and the nightclubs.

It is in the real Cuba that the Varela Project was born. Conceived by Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas, the Varela Project is a petition signed by tens of thousands of Cubans who demand reforms that will transform Cuba into a nation of the future.

CUBA LIBRE: EL MAYOR DESEO presents this real Cuba. Filmed throughout the island, the documentary crosses the tourist boundary through exclusive footage and never-before-seen interviews with Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas and numerous native Cubans. The film explores Cuba’s history from the Revolution to the present-day and paints a portrait of an island in flux.


For more information about Oswaldo Payá and the Christian Liberation Movement which spearhead the Varela Project and National Dialogue, please visit http://www.oswaldopaya.org and http://www.nationaldialoguecuba.org .

For information on screening this film and to receive promotional materials, please e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and check out the film’s website at http://www.cubalibrefilm.com .

*RICHTER SCALE MEDIA L.L.C. covers global issues with an emphasis on cultural preservation and human rights. It is the goal of the organization to foster awareness of little-discussed topics through the medium of film. RICHTER SCALE MEDIA L.L.C. hopes that its films will be a catalyst for the sharing of ideas through dialogue and discourse.


Mr. Paya’s organization has generously offered ten copies to the Havana Journal for free distribution. Contact us using the email address below and send your mailing information. The Havana Journal will pay shipping costs.

We will give precedence to people requesting copies that will be able to assemble an audience for a screening of the DVD or will at least be able to pass it along to other interested parties. Please mention that in your request. Of course the goal is to get as many people as possible to see the DVD.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on September 16, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    We have received ten copies and two have been requested so feel free to request one of the eight remaining copies.

    Cuba consulting services

  2. Follow up post #2 added on December 11, 2007 by Anh Luong

    I would like to request a DVD. I am an immigration attorney who is representing a Cuban in his removal proceedings. We are filing a Convention Against Torture Claim, and I want evidence of torture in Cuba.

    Thank you for your response to this request.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on December 11, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    I replied directly by email but to readers here, I don’t think Mr. Paya has ever been arrested let alone served time in a Cuban prison although he certainly has been subject to mental or social “torture”.

    Some would say simply living in Cuba can be considered “torture”.

    Cuba consulting services

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