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I thought that the photo shown in our recent article about Chinese President Hu meeting with Fidel Castro seemed to show Fidel Castro looking differently… as in a blank expression on his face and a very different hair style. Also notice how tightly Fidel is holding on to Hu AND Fidel’s mouth is closed. Where is the fire? Where is his energy? Remember, these photos are right from so these are the BEST propaganda photos that they could put out there… the BEST photos. I wonder what the worst ones look like.

So, I decided to go find photos of Fidel Castro from the recent past just to put all the photos in one place. Some people say that Fidel is dead and that one of his best body doubles is standing in for him. I think that’s a bit of a stretch but have a look at the photos and see if anything seems odd.

Fidel Castro taken from photo with Chinese President Hu on November 18, 2008. Notice how his hair is parted on the left.

Fidel Castro taken from photo with Russia’s Metropolitan Kirill on October 20, 2008 - Russian Orthodox Church. Notice how his hair is parted on the right or combed forward.

Fidel Castro taken from photo with meeting of Uruguay President June 19, 2008 - Reuters

Fidel Castro days after his surgery in August 2006 in recovery. Notice the heavy use of make up that covers his noticeable age spots present before and after surgery. Look at the deep wrinkles on either side of his nose and how they bow it. See the photo above of him with Uruguay President about two years later, the deep wrinkles are very flat and straight.

Undated photo of Fidel Castro but pre-August 2006 when he went into seclusion. I think this was from sometime in 2006 though, maybe a rally against Spain?

Here is a photo that I took in April 2004. This is definitely Castro. I sat and listened to a speech for three hours. A “short” speech. Notice that he does not have deep wrinkles on either side of his nose nor does he have deep wrinkles between his eyebrows. Compare this to the photo above where “he” has deep wrinkles on either side of his nose AND deep wrinkles between his eyebrows. I am no FBI expert but they look like two different people to me. Keep in mind these photos are no more than two years apart.

Just for the record, a photo of Fidel Castro from 1964

So, I’m not forensic scientist or FBI specialist in facial features but I do find it odd that for Fidel’s entire life he has combed his hair back and the wrinkles are interesting. I would like to see some photos of his ears. I would think those are pretty hard to fake.

Anyway, who changes the way they fix their hair when they are 82? Here’s an old photo comparison article for the conspiracy fans out there.

So, if you have any other photo that you would like me to post, please use the email link at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include the source and date or just send a link to the photo and/or story.